• Gabe's Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #4) Night World : Witchlight (Night World #9)

    Is she making popcorn? Ezekiel asks incredulously as the telltale pop pop pop starts its rapid-fire phase.

    I had no idea you even existed until you were entered into the trials, Manella says on a sigh.That’s a lie. He and Lilith discussed the quads making it through the night, and a hit that was out on you during the gauntlet run. Then I pause. Well, that was after the first part of the trials, though, wasn’t it? I muse aloud.

    The Complete Robot (Robot #0.3)

    Kai gives me a shut-the-hell-up side eye before returning his attention to Lucifer.Right. Talking aloud is just distracting, since the four of them are the only ones who can hear it.Surface guardians, though greatly appreciated, especially in such trying times as we currently face, are not exactly under royal view, Manella goes on. We rarely know what they’re doing up there unless one of us has gone back as a mortal.

    Degradation (The Kane Trilogy #1)

    The guys exchange a brief look, but their expressions give nothing away.Whoever has been trying their damnedest to keep you out of hell has been very influential in the part of the equation we’re very lax in, Lucifer goes on. Perhaps we should pay better attention to the surface guardians after all.

    Manella groans like that task has just been pressed upon him.

    Would you rather Lilith or Cain be the ones to oversee it? Lucifer asks him, eyebrow arched. Perhaps the twins or Hera?Go, faithful subject, and pay your debt to the king. Her voice rang out in the quiet of the room.

    Jacob nodded his head. He looked at the king, and I could see he wanted to do something. He wanted to fight or make an accusation, but he didn’t. No doubt someone else would pay for any mistakes he made today. Jacob stood and exited the room as the audience applauded.The next man had difficulty moving. As he turned to make his way down the carpet toward Celeste, he doubled over and fell. A collective gasp came from the room, but before he could garner too much sympathy, two guards came and walked him to Celeste. To her credit, her voice wasn’t as sure as it usually was as she ordered the man to pay his debt.

    Bound (Mastered #1)

    Kriss looked as steady as ever until her criminal got closer. He was younger, probably around our age, and his steps were steady, almost determined. When he turned up the carpet to Kriss, I saw a tattoo on his neck. It looked like a cross, though it seemed as if whoever had done it messed up a bit.Kriss delivered her lines well. Anyone who didn’t know her wouldn’t be able to read the hint of regret in her voice. The room applauded, and she sat back down, her smile only slightly less bright than it usually was.

    The guard yelled out the name Adam Carver, and I realized it was my turn. Adam, Adam, Adam. I needed to remember his name. Because I had to do this now, right? The other girls had. Maxon might forgive me if I failed, and the king would never like me either way; but I would certainly lose the queen, and that backed me into a corner. If I wanted a chance at all, I needed to deliver.Adam was older, maybe my dad’s age, and there was something wrong with his leg. He didn’t fall, but it took him so long to reach me that it made the whole thing that much worse. I just wanted it to be done.

    As Adam knelt in front of me, I focused on the few lines I needed to deliver.Adam, what is your crime? I asked.

    Theft, my lady.And how long is your sentence?