• Wings of Fire (Guardians of Ascension #3) Her Second Billionaire (Her Billionaires #2)

    Magnum studied the girl’s face. He studied the eyes.

    They traversed the courtyard space quickly. While it was an outdoor private garden, it was in the middle of Manhattan, so it wasn’t huge. Avery caught Sasha out of the corner of her eye, talking with Evita. Only Sasha was the one walking in front of the staff. Listening to the woman talk about the facility was obviously not something she wanted to deal with.There were more people in the group rooms.


    Liam held her hand as they walked their way back inside. There were half a dozen people talking in the first group room.Avery looked at the men who appeared to be either staff or clients. Two couples were standing with two men that were part of the staff. I see a theme, she whispered to Liam.He was looking at the testimonials on the wall. What’s that?

    Angel Falls

    Staff and patients are wearing long sleeve shirts and casual pants.Liam glanced in the other room. I think you’re right.

    Avery looked at everyone now a little differently. Every man in a long sleeve shirt without a jacket became part of her mental lineup. Too tall, wrong nationality, wrong build . . . she didn’t rule out thick or thin, because a year could change that. It was while walking through the main living room that she started to realize exactly what she was seeing.

    Are you okay? Liam asked. You look pale.Daisy held up her phone. Zorn said to change to sandals.

    I’ll be working on multiple changes today. Mordecai flung the robe over his shoulder.I pointed at it. You’re going to wear that?

    As the World Dies: Untold Tales Volume 1

    He glanced at it in confusion. Yeah. Why? What’s wrong with it?Daisy rolled her eyes. Don’t bother, Lexi. He’s not worried about his masculinity.

    Oh, because it’s pink? Mordecai shrugged. Pink is just a color, like any other. Besides, pink used to be perceived as a masculine color. It only became associated with femininity in the past century. He waved the thought away. I don’t really care either way.You should care about those weird tassels. Daisy flicked one. But then again, you change from an animal to a human, then back again. You got the lock down on weird.

    Yeah, like you can talk. You sneak around in the gutter, Mordecai retorted.How is that weird?

    You guys! I took a step out the door. Can’t you go half a day without fighting?We fight out of love, Lexi, Mordecai said, shoving Daisy in front of him.