• Silence (Hush, Hush #3) Flight Behavior

    He laughed and pulled me back onto his lap.

    So—, I say, turning my body away from Cammie and directing my attention to Sam, —how do you know my husband?Sam looks confused. His brows dip together and his gaze shifts from Caleb to me.

    Desire After Dark (Vampire Trilogy #3)

    I don’t, he says. This is the first time we’re meeting."I blink in confusion.Caleb, who is reclined casually on the loveseat like he is visiting with old friends, smiles at me knowingly. I know that smile. He is amused at my expense.

    Beautiful Mistake

    I look at everyone’s faces and slowly the picture pieces together. Cammie’s audacity, the expensive clothing …I try not to let my shock show as everything suddenly makes sense. We are not interviewing Cammie for the position of Estella’s nanny — we are interviewing Sam!

    I can see on their faces that they know about my mistake. It's embarrassing. The little blonde bitch, who I see in a new light now that I know she owns her own company, smiles, showing her teeth for the first time. She is evidently delighted by my blunder. Sam looks slightly more abashed. He looks away from me politely, and I clear my throat.

    Well, I suppose I got it all wrong, I say generously, though I am inwardly fuming.I’d taken a psychology class in college that studied body language. One of the lectures had been called The Art of Lying. We had been required to run an experiment along with reading the chapter, in which we’d ask a person who was not in the class, a series of questions. Much to my delight, I’d discovered that a person who is recalling a real memory looks up and to the right, whereas a person who is utilizing the creative part of their brain — to lie — looks down and to the left. Cash was doing a lot of downward dogging with her eyes. Filthy. Little. Liar.

    Where does your family live? Caleb asked. He was running a piece of my hair between his fingers. Cash looked on enviously.Oh, they’re around, she said, waving off his question.

    Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders #6.5)

    My father lives here. My mother lives in New York.Do you see him often?

    She shook her head. Not really.Another f**ked up family, no doubt. I almost nodded in support.

    I wish I had more time, she said quickly. I’ve just been so busy with the move. We’re very close.Her mouth was open to deliver another lie, when our server arrived with the food. A shame. I wanted to hear it. The rest of the meal was accompanied by small talk. So, she was close to her father? Must be nice.

    Caleb had hidden the boat from me. What else is he hiding? The knowledge that there could be more is rusting my brain. It’s all I can think about, until I am practically choking on my suspicion. I’ve been frowning so much I’m going to need a Botox shot at the end of this. One thing is certain: I need to find out if there is more, even if that means breaking his code of privacy. Caleb hates anyone in his office if he isn’t there. I’ve always given him his space, seeing that the entire rest of the house is mine, but tonight calls for snooping. I let Sam go home as soon as he puts Estella down. Normally, I make him stay for a few hours and watch TV with me, but as soon as seven o’clock comes, I practically shove him out the door.I open the door to his office still chewing on my celery stick and flick on the light. I hardly ever come in here. The whole room smells of him. I breathe deeply and immediately feel like crying. I used to get to cuddle up to that smell every night, and now…