• Fools Rush in Scorched Skies (Fire Spirits #2)

    "No!" he said with mock disbelief.

    She shot him an extremely irritated expression at his condescending tone before taking a sip. "Why are you here?" she asked.He sat down across from her and lazily propped one ankle on the opposite knee. "I had to discuss some estate matters with my father, so he invited me to share a drink with him after our meal. I never left."

    Minutes to Kill (Scarlet Falls #2)

    "And you've been sitting here in the dark all by yourself?""I like the dark.""No one likes the dark."

    Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy #6)

    He laughed aloud, and she felt terribly green and young."Ah, Miranda," he said, still chuckling. "Thank you for that."

    She narrowed her eyes. "How much have you had to drink?"

    "An impertinent question."Why not? I asked, staring at Safi.

    I’m not entirely sure, she replied, her dark, sculpted brows knotted. We can cure mundane, human illnesses without difficulty. Human ailments, both physical and mental, are very responsive to our brand of magic… so I can only think that those hunters’ methods were not quite mundane.Whatever life I had seen returned to Josh after our trip to Sun Beach had drained out of him, and he looked worn and faded as the day we brought him here. He looked crushed.

    A Long Line of Dead Men (Matthew Scudder #12)

    I had been so sure that the jinn would be able to help him. This news came as an utter shock to my system. If the jinni’s cure had failed, I couldn’t imagine that there was anything that Corrine, Ibrahim or Mona could bring to the table. Jinn’s magic was always the final resort. Their powers were overall stronger than the witches’.So what now? I asked.

    Shayla ran her tongue along her lower lip. Concern shone in her eyes as she glanced at Josh. I’m not sure, Grace. I’m not sure.The next few hours with Josh were the hardest so far. I just… didn’t know what to say to him. I was supposed to be there, offering him emotional support. Encouragement. Being chirpy and cheerful. But I felt so down myself.

    I offered to read to him again, but he didn’t even want me to do that. He just turned over on his side, his back facing me, and stared at the opposite wall.When 8 PM came around, I took my leave, even though it killed me to leave him all alone.

    I returned home and got ready for bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning, even as I felt surprised at how affected I was. I’d only spent a couple of days with him, and he was still as good as a stranger to me. But… he’d been made my responsibility. He’d been placed in my charge. If I was doing my job properly as a caregiver, I reminded myself, I should be feeling like this. I should be losing sleep right along with him.I felt like death by the time morning arrived. I’d maybe gotten a couple of hours of sleep. Yet I was relieved that it was time to get up. I didn’t think that he should be spending too many hours alone at a time like this. I took a shower, grabbed my backpack, and returned to the hospital.