• A Good Yarn (Blossom Street #2) Seraphs (Rogue Mage #2)

    He laughed, and was joined by Ennis and the rest of the guards.

    I just want to stay here, I said, a feeling of panic coming over me.Then stay, she whispered against my mouth, and then kissed me sweetly, gently sucking on my lower lip.

    Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies #1)

    I deepened the kiss, wishing I could dive inside her and stay forever.Walker! I heard the voice from a distance and looked up, scanning our kitchen.Josh! Ember cradled my face, turning my head with her hands. Josh, come back to me. Come home.

    Tempted (House of Night #6)

    I’m home, babe. I’m not leaving you again. I brushed my fingers over her cheekbones, loving the smattering of freckles that summer always brought to her skin.Come home to me! she cried, breaking into tears. I wiped them away.

    Stop, December. Stop crying. I’m here. No matter how many tears I cleared, more flowed.

    She sobbed, and her tears ran red.His uncle nudged Rune forward with an ungentle shove as they drew near the catwalk above the pit. Here’s your special delivery, brother. All the way from Boston.

    Fineas Riordan swiveled his head away from a pair of armed Breed males who were watching the combat along with him. When his dark gaze met Rune’s eyes, a brittle chill seeped into their fathomless depths.It has been quite a while, son. I have to say, I was very disappointed when you left.

    In the Face of Death (Madelaine de Montalia #2)

    Rune couldn’t curb his sharply exhaled breath. You must’ve been bored without me here to provide your entertainment.A thin, evil smile spread across his lips. Oh, I managed to find other diversions.

    Rune’s guards guided him out onto the viewing gallery. In the dirt-floored, stone enclosure below, a pair of Breed males were engaged in a tremendous fight.Sweat-soaked, bloodied, with flesh torn in numerous places, the two combatants fought with fists and fangs. Their eyes blazed with hot amber, and their pupils were so thinned, the vertical slits were hardly discernible. The males’ dermaglyphs churned like tempests on their bruised and lacerated bodies as they crashed into each other in a blur of gnashing teeth and punishing blows.

    The fight was brutal, animalistic. A feral display of Breed strength and savagery.Worse than anything Rune had experienced in that hellish circle of granite and sand.

    It was . . . unnaturally violent.Rune’s question must have shown in his eyes, because when his father glanced over at him, a broad smile broke across his face.