• Two Weeks' Notice (Revivalist #2) The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles #1)

    When they start saying goodbye, I sneak back up the stairs and into my room. Relief that Bens mother never told Mum she found me with Ben that day mixes with sorrow. She feels like I do: the loss. Ben was their son for more than three years, since he was Slated. Hed told me they were close. I long to run to her so we can share this pain, together, but dont dare.

    I should get the bus back to the house now, but there is a kernel of anger inside that says no.Madison: shell understand. I head for her cafe. Ill wait there until shes finished; we can get the bus back together.

    Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark #1)

    When I reach the cafe and pull at the door, it doesnt budge: its locked? Puzzled, I realise the lights are off inside. A closed sign hangs on the door, yet Im sure Madison said she was working until five.A sense of unease settles inside. I walk around to the cafes back door, and knock.No one answers, but was there a noise inside? I knock again: nothing. Im about to turn around and leave, but then try the door. The handle turns. Its not locked.

    Aden (Vampires in America #7)

    I pull the door part open, and peer in. Hello? Its Riley. Is Madison here?Cora is sitting at the work surface, her back to me. Not turning or answering. Unsure what to do, after a moment I push the door open the rest of the way, walk in and let it shut behind me. The light is dim, and I blink.

    Hello? I say again, and walk towards her. Her shoulders are shaking. Shes crying? Fear grabs me inside. What is it? Whats wrong?

    She looks up at me, shakes her head. What could she have done? she whispers.Weve been working with Keir for centuries. She should be used to it by now. And yes—his troops are worth it. The Darkbringers are well trained, powerful, and have been idle too long.

    I considered. The last time we went to the Court of Nightmares, I played your whore.He winced at the word.

    Shadow Heir (Dark Swan #4)

    But I am now your High Lady, I went on, stroking a finger over the back of his hand. He tracked the movement. My voice dropped lower. To get Keir to agree to aid us … Any tips on what mask I should wear to the Hewn City?Its for you to decide, he said, still watching my finger trace idle circles on his skin. Youve seen how I am there—how we are. It is for you to decide how to play into that.

    I suppose Id better decide soon—not just for this, but the meeting with the other High Lords in two weeks.Rhys slid a sidelong glance to me. Every court is invited.

    I doubt hell come, given that he is Hyberns ally and knows wed kill him.The river breeze stirred his blue-black hair. The meeting will occur with a binding spell that forces us all into cease-fire. If someone breaks it while the meeting occurs, the magic will demand a steep cost. Probably their life. Tamlin wouldnt be stupid enough to attack—nor us him.

    Why invite him at all?Excluding him will only give him more ammunition against us. Believe me, I have little desire to see him. Or Beron. Who perhaps is higher on my kill list than Tamlin right now.