• Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock #11) Without Merit

    Examining the terrain, he replied. He cast a secret glance at Daphne. She was looking up at him with mirth and humor and something else that made him feel about ten feet tall.

    Daphne eyed the menu in her hand, which began with turtle soup and marched through three more courses before finishing with lamb à la bechamel (followed, of course, by a choice of four desserts). She tried to keep her voice free of sarcasm as she said, I do not think the duke will have cause to complain.I pray that he won't, Violet replied. But if I had known he was coming, I would have made sure we had a beef dish as well. One cannot entertain without a beef dish.

    Bane (The Devil's Roses #2)

    He knows this is an informal meal.Violet shot her an acerbic look. No meal is informal when a duke is calling.Daphne regarded her mother thoughtfully. Violet was wringing her hands and gnashing her teeth. Mother, Daphne said, I don't think the duke is the sort to expect us to dramatically alter our family supper plans on his behalf.

    Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells #1)

    He might not expect it, Violet said, but I do. Daphne, there are certain rules in society. Expectations. And frankly, I do not understand how you can be quite so calm and disinterested.I'm not disinterested!

    You certainly don't look nervous. Violet eyed her suspiciously. How can you not be nervous? For goodness sake, Daphne, this man is thinking of marrying you.

    Daphne caught herself just before she groaned. He has never said as much, Mother.He ignored her. I’ve actually been thinking I ought to provide Edwina with a dowry.

    The irony of the gesture was not lost on him. Back when he’d intended to wed Edwina, he’d planned to provide a dowry for Kate.He peeked over at Kate to see her reaction.

    Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders #12)

    He hadn’t, of course, made the offer just to gain her good favor, but he wasn’t so noble that he couldn’t admit to himself that he’d been hoping for a little more than the stunned silence she was displaying.Then he realized she was near tears.

    Kate? he asked, not certain whether to be delighted or worried.She wiped her nose rather inelegantly with the back of her hand. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, she sniffled.

    I actually did it for Edwina, he mumbled, never comfortable with weepy females. But inside, she was making him feel about eight feet tall.Oh, Anthony! she practically wailed. And then, much to his extreme surprise, she jumped to her feet and leaped across the table and into his arms, the heavy hem of her afternoon dress sweeping three teacups, two saucers, and a spoon onto the floor.

    You are so sweet, she said, wiping at her eyes as she landed rather solidly in his lap. The nicest man in London.Well, I don’t know about that, he returned, sliding his arm around her waist. The most dangerous, perhaps, or handsome—