• Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars #2) Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)

    She knew where we were. Knew exactly when to attack. But how? Did Seri betray us after all? Was I a fool for trusting the Fae healer?

    You, too. I smile. And Ava’s just fine.The elevator pings its arrival, and the doors open.

    The Younger Gods (The Dreamers #4)

    Catch you later, Harry, Gabe says.Once we’re inside the elevator, Gabe puts a key in the control panel, turns it, and then presses the button for the penthouse.We ride up in silence, and I have a sudden bout of nerves.

    Devil of the Highlands (Devil of the Highlands #1)

    I’m going to Gabriel Evans’s apartment.I keep forgetting just who I’m with when I’m arguing with him. He just seems like this normal, regular guy.

    Who just happens to be adored by millions.

    And, now, I’m heading up to his apartment.Her wetness offered no hindrance, accepting every inch.

    Christ, Nila. I grinded my hips against her as she whimpered.More. More! The desperation in her voice took me hostage. I’d done that. I’d broken her by being shot and making her doubt my affection.

    Entice Me at Twilight (Doomsday Brethren #4)

    I was hers for eternity. I’d spend the rest of my life making her believe it.Her hot wetness fisting around me drove me out of my fucking mind. I thrust harder.

    We quickly turned from making love to fucking—straining to steal more from each other, driven by the need to hurt but also please.Instantly, I brought my mouth to hers, slinking together, mimicking the action of our hips. Breaking apart, I groaned, When I saw you coming to the stables…I fell even more in love with you. I thrust faster. When you let me take what I wanted while licking you, I gave the last shred of my heart to you.

    She threw her head back, sweat glittering in the hollow of her throat.I licked it, avoiding the iciness of the diamonds around her neck. So beautiful. So perfect. My stomach clenched. I tightened my fingers around her wrists, loving the rapid thump of her pulse. I’m never letting you go.

    Her eyes clouded with lust. I don’t know who I am anymore without you. She arched up, kissing me, moaning with my thrusts. I believe in you.I wanted to shower her with kisses. I’ll never get used to you wanting me.