• Taking Cover (Wingmen Warriors #2) The Accidental Vampire (Argeneau #7)

    Sarah peeked out from the hallway, dressed in her nightgown. Shed gone to bed earlier, but shed made one excuse after another to get up. Are you going to kiss Shay, Dad?

    Certainly not in my direction anyway.I squat a few more times, beads of perspiration dripping down the indent of my spine, knees buckling under the three hundred and twenty-five-pound weights stacked on either side of the bar. Im pushing myself harder than Ive pushed since arriving to the Iowa wrestling program, the pressure to perform greater now that the new guy, Rhett Rabideaux, is threatening everyones spot on the team.

    Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders #6.5)

    With the teams two stars gone, I want every opportunity to steal a spot on Coachs good side, to replace those winningest few as the new golden boy and rise to the top.They made us all look bad.I do three more squats before Im interrupted by Rex Gunderson, my roommate and the wrestling teams manager. The towel hes holding is accompanied by a water bottle with my name on it, written in Sharpie but wearing off.

    Venom (Elemental Assassin #3)

    Wrap it up. He snaps me in the ass with the towel. Team pow wow in five.I press the weights again.

    Squat. Drop the barb to the ground, stepping back when it bounces on the weight room floor with a satisfying thud.

    Whats it about? I snatch the white towel out of his hands before he can snap me a second time.Much, I said. I hadnt come to talk about myself, though, so I leaned back in the chair and focused my attention on Shay. So tell me, are the classes here helping you?

    Yeah, I guess. She sat up a bit straighter. Ive graduated into Phase Two.What did you learn in Phase One? I asked. Itd been years since Kevin had mentioned the details of the program, and I was interested in hearing what Shay had to tell me.

    Fool's Errand (Tawny Man #1)

    Right from the start there have been plenty of sessions with Lilly. They want me to talk about my life and all that sh— She paused. All that childhood crap. Stuff, she quickly amended. Especially Lilly, she said and snickered.You dont like Lilly?

    Shes all right. Lillys tough. Like me, shes been around the block more times than the postman. She doesnt take any bull, if you know what I mean.Grinning, I nodded. I do.

    There are fitness and nutrition classes, and thats been the best part for me. I think when it comes time to look for a job Id like to find something in that field.Good. I hoped that encouraged her.

    She smiled and looked down at her hands, as if she didnt want me to know that anything I said pleased her.Whats been the hardest part for you? I asked.