• Divine Misdemeanors (Merry Gentry #8) Bloodlist (Vampire Files #1)

    He shifted suddenly, dropping his feet to the floor. Without warning, our faces were inches apart. As close as we were, it was hard not to get a little lost in the beauty of his features. And as close as we were, it was also hard not to get really freaked out. What if I told you a truth? Would you tell me one in return?

    A shiver hit her. And . . . why would he be doing that?Julia’s hand stilled on the ledge. He was right. She knew why.

    Never Have I Ever (The Lying Game #2)

    One hand curved over her shoulder. Would you rather he not? Because I know he would be over here in a second if I called.Her mouth dried as her pulse skyrocketed. Is that what tonight is about?You’re going to have get detailed with that statement, Ms. Hughes.

    Two Weeks' Notice (Revivalist #2)

    She felt her cheeks warm. Do you . . . do you and your brother share women? Like the guys at the table. Is that what you do?He didn’t respond for a long moment. I don’t share when it counts.

    Her head tipped back. That really doesn’t answer the question.

    Half his face was shadowed. It does. You just don’t want to see that yet.Her eyes narrowed, but then she turned away and picked up her purse. With her back to him, Lucian didn’t fight the smile curving his lips. He didn’t promise to not talk about last night or to pretend that it hadn’t happened. Lucian was a lot of things, but he didn’t make idle promises, ones he would have no intention of keeping.

    As Julia followed Lucian Taylor de Vincent back to the room she’d originally been placed in, she kept silently screaming the amount of money he’d whispered in her ear. He couldn’t be serious.A million dollars might not be much to him, but to her, based on her spending, that was the kind of money she could live off for decades.

    Gooney Bird and the Room Mother (Gooney Bird Greene #2)

    She was in a daze—had been since she realized that she’d be working for the de Vincents and then even more thrown off when she saw who Lucian was. Now this? Being offered a million dollars to not say forget this and get the hell out of here?In all honesty, there wasn’t a single part of her that wondered if she should turn the money down. Who would? Seriously? It wasn’t like he was offering her a million to have sex with him or to murder someone.

    And she didn’t even have the brain space at the moment to figure out how he felt about what had happened between them the night before. She didn’t even know how she felt about it now. This morning she was all no regrets but now? Julia couldn’t quite claim that. She still felt like she’d been tricked. It was asking a lot for her to believe that he’d had no intention of almost hooking up when they first met.Lucian’s hand landed softly on her shoulder again, stopping her from walking past the room. She shot him a look of warning.

    That was what he was. An insufferable jerk who just offered her a million dollars to complete the job she was hired to do.An insufferable jerk who’d also given her the first not self-induced orgasm in many, many years, but that was not something she was going to focus on.

    Devlin was still in the room. Turning to her, he said something into the phone and then slipped it into the pockets of his pants. His expected gaze settled on her.Julia knew it was time to pull it together. Inhaling deeply, her back straightened. Let’s try this again. She offered her hand to the oldest brother. I’m Julia Hughes.