• Smooth Talking Stranger (Travises #3) On Fire (Shadow Stalkers #4)

    Ill probably call and text you so much you wont even notice Im gone.

    Penns been back? Gemma asked, and he immediately lowered his eyes and scratched the back of his head. Like, to visit?Daniel shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Its not like I can just tell her to get lost.

    Bound In Death (Bound #5)

    Actually, you can, Gemma said.Not if I want to keep the peace. He looked at her then, his hazel eyes imploring her to understand. We both do what we need to do to keep the people we care about safe. Right?Yeah but… Gemma trailed off. Does Harper know about this?

    Searching for Beautiful

    Does Harper know about all the things youre up to? Daniel countered.Gemma sighed and stared up at the ceiling. Of course Harper didnt know everything. In fact, Gemma knew about Penns interest in Daniel, and shed specifically chosen not to tell her sister about it. She trusted him not to do anything to hurt Harper, and telling her sister would only make her worry.

    But Gemma hadnt known that Penn was visiting him. That changed things. Gemma kept things from Harper that would only scare her—not things that could actually hurt her.

    So … whats going on with you and Penn? Marcy asked.We have to try, though, Harper said. Thank you for everything, Lydia.

    She practically ran out of the shop, and Marcy struggled to keep up with her since Marcy was completely opposed to jogging. As they walked down to the car, Harper slowed enough for Marcy to keep up.Oh, my god, Marcy said. Its like Christmas morning.

    The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium #2)

    Its better than Christmas! Harper shouted, unable to stop herself. We could be free of those psychotic witches once and for all. Wouldnt that be amazing?Yeah, it certainly would, Marcy agreed.

    This might really be it, Marcy.Marcy sighed. It might be, but its probably not that simple.

    Well, this clearly isnt working, Marcy said, as Daniel dangled his legs through the hole in his ceiling.Hed been crawling around in the narrow attic above his house. The only way in or out of the attic was through a square doorway in the ceiling above his closet, and he slid through it before dropping to the ground.

    Sorry, Gemma, Daniel said as he brushed dust and cobwebs off his clothes. Theres nothing up there but mouse poop and a skeleton from a bat, which was actually pretty creepy.Nice, Marcy said, nodding in approval.