• Breaking Nova (Nova #1) My Brother's Keeper (Bewitched and Bewildered #5)

    No way. She never let on.

    It was as if the base of the mountain had been hollowed out by some massive digging beast, leaving a pit descending into the dark heart of the world. Around that gaping hole, carved into the mountain itself, spiraled level after level of shelves and books and reading areas, leading into the inky black. From what I could see of the various levels as I drifted toward the carved stone railing overlooking the drop, the stacks shot far into the mountain itself, like the spokes of a mighty wheel.And through it all, fluttering like moths wings, the rustle of paper and parchment.

    Domes of Fire (The Tamuli #1)

    Silent, and yet alive. Awake and humming and restless, some many-limbed beast at constant work. I peered upward, finding more levels rising toward the House above. And lurking far below … Darkness.Whats at the bottom of the pit? I asked as Rhys came up beside me, his shoulder brushing mine.I once dared Cassian to fly down and see. Rhys braced his hands on the railing, gazing down into the gloom.

    Midnight Pleasures (Wild Wulfs of London #0)

    And he came back up, faster than Ive ever seen him fly, white as death. He never told me what he saw. The first few weeks, I thought it was a joke—just to pique my curiosity. But when I finally decided to see for myself a month later, he threatened to tie me to a chair. He said some things were better left unseen and undisturbed. Its been two hundred years, and he still wont tell me what he saw. If you even mention it, he goes pale and shaky and wont talk for a few hours.My blood chilled. Is it … some sort of monster?

    I have no idea. Rhys jerked his chin toward Clotho, the priestess patiently waiting a few steps behind us, her face still in shadow. They dont speak or write of it, so if they know … They certainly wont tell me. So if it doesnt bother us, then I wont bother it. That is, if its even an it. Cassian never said if he saw anything living down there. Perhaps its something else entirely.

    Considering the things Id already witnessed … I didnt want to think about what lay at the bottom of the library. Or what could make Cassian, who had seen more dreadful and deadly parts of the world than I could ever imagine, so terrified.Yesterday, we had been ourselves—open and friendly and caring. Today we showed the other courts what wed unleash upon our enemies. What we were capable of if provoked.

    Helion was back to his edged, swaggering aloofness, lounging in his chair as we entered that lovely chamber atop one of the palaces many gilded towers. He gave Mor an extra glance, lips curving in sensual amusement. He was resplendent today in robes of cobalt edged in gold that offset his gleaming brown skin, golden sandals upon his feet. Azriel, shadows wafting from his shoulders and trailing at his feet, ignored him as he passed. The shadowsinger hadnt shown a flicker of emotion, however, to Mor when hed met us in the foyer.She hadnt asked where hed been all night and morning, and Azriel had volunteered nothing. But he didnt seem inclined to ignore her, at least. No, hed just settled back into his usual watchful quiet, and Mor had been content to let him, slumping a bit in relief as soon as hed turned to lead us to the meeting, likely having already scouted the walk minutes ago.

    When Twilight Burns (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles #4)

    Thesan was the only person who bothered to greet us when we passed through that wisteria-draped archway, but he took one look at our attire, our faces, and muttered a prayer to the Cauldron. His lover, clad in his captains armor once more, sized us up, his wings flaring slightly, but kept seated with the other Peregryns.Tamlin arrived last, raking his gaze over all of us as he sat. I didnt bother to acknowledge him.

    And Helion didnt wait for Thesan to beckon to begin. He merely crossed an ankle over a knee and said, I thoroughly reviewed the charts and figures youve compiled, Tamlin.And? Tamlin bit out. Today would go incredibly well, then.

    And, Helion said simply, no trace of the laughing, easy male of the night before, if you can rally your forces quickly, you and Tarquin might be able to hold the front line long enough for those of us above the Middle to bring the larger hosts.Its not that easy, Tamlin said through his teeth. I have a third of them left. A seething look toward me. After Feyre destroyed their faith in me.

    I had done that—in my rage, my need for vengeance … I had not thought long-term. Had not considered that perhaps we would need that army. But—Nesta let out a breathy, sharp noise and surged from her chair.