• Saphirblau (The Ruby Red Trilogy #2) The Dream-Hunter (Dark-Hunter #10)

    Yeah, well, nothing ever is. She turned back to the water. If you’ll excuse me.

    The very first time I saw Eric Fisher, I thought, That’s the man I’m going to marry. It had never been a question of if, just a question of when.That question would be answered tonight.

    Tongues of Serpents (Temeraire #6)

    Ainsley, the house looks amazing! said Beth, my across-the-street neighbor, who’d been wonderful about bringing food and leaving little bouquets of flowers from her garden when Eric was sick. What a happy day!Thank you, Beth! You’ve been so great. We can’t thank you enough. Get a martini, quick! She smiled and obeyed.So many friends were here—Eric’s fraternity brothers, his coworkers from Wall Street, Eric’s parents and grandparents. My friends, too, from town and college and the magazine, though no one from my old job at NBC had even RSVP’d. My brother and his wife hadn’t been able to make it, but their older two kids were here, not by choice. I had the impression Sean and Kiara left Sadie with a sitter, dropped the teens off here and sneaked out to dinner rather than come to the party.

    Consumed (Consumed #1)

    Esther, who was thirteen, was slumped in a chair, the only sign of life her thumbs moving over her phone. Matthias, at fifteen, was similarly slumped, eyeing the young female servers when he thought no one was looking.You guys can go down to the cellar if you want and watch TV, I told them, stroking Esther’s curly hair. They jolted back to life and practically trampled each other in the race to the cellar door, Esther shielding her eyes as she passed the photo montage. Poor kid. No teenage girl should have to see that.

    Hello, Ainsley.

    I managed to catch my flinch at the sound of the voice. My boss was here—Captain Flatline, as we called him. Ollie trotted up to greet him, cheerfully sniffing his shoes, then putting his paws against Jonathan’s knee. Jonathan ignored him.It was a well-known fact that Spence’s ability to hyper-focus and ignore everything around him was both a strength and a giant flaw. Great asset for an engineer/inventor, not so great for anything else, like, say, relationships. But truthfully, he was hungry, so a break sounded good. He headed toward the elevator.

    Uh, Elle said, gesturing to his clothes. You might want to . . .What? he asked, looking down at himself. So he hadn’t shaved in a few days—so what? And okay, maybe he lived out of his dryer, grabbing clean but wrinkled clothes from there in the mornings when he got dressed. Whatever. There were worse things. Joe’s in his underwear.

    Shadowspell (Faeriewalker #2)

    Hey, at least I was wearing some today, Joe said.Elle took in the guy’s nearly naked form, clearly appreciating the view in spite of her being very much taken in the relationship department by Joe’s boss Archer Hunt. She finally shook it off and turned back to Spence. You know damn well when you walk across the courtyard talking to yourself, hair standing up thanks to your fingers, all stubbly because you forgot to shave, and those black-rimmed glasses slipping down your annoyingly perfect nose, women come out of the woodwork.

    They do? Joe asked.It’s the hot geek look, Elle said.

    Huh. Joe rubbed his jaw, where he too had stubble. Maybe I should try that sometime.No, Elle said. You can’t pull off hot geek. Your looks say sexy badass, not geek, which apparently is like a siren call to crazy women everywhere.

    Joe looked pleased. I’m okay with that.Elle ignored this and looked at Spence. After your last romantic fiasco, you vowed to take a break, remember? So all I’m saying is that you might want to change up your look.