• Tall, Dark & Hungry (Argeneau #4) Razor's Edge (Shadow Stalkers #1)

    That explained the cars in the parking lot.

    Grinning, I nodded. I do.There are fitness and nutrition classes, and thats been the best part for me. I think when it comes time to look for a job Id like to find something in that field.

    Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5)

    Good. I hoped that encouraged her.She smiled and looked down at her hands, as if she didnt want me to know that anything I said pleased her.Whats been the hardest part for you? I asked.

    Slow Heat (Pacific Heat #2)

    Shay glanced up, met my gaze, and then immediately broke eye contact. Boundaries, for sure. I dont know why, but somehow it got programmed in my head that if someone needed me, then it was my duty to do whatever it was, no matter what the cost was to me personally. Crazy, isnt it?She impressed me. Youre not the only one dealing with those issues.

    That small smile came and disappeared just as quickly again.

    Tell me about Phase Two.As if reading my mind, she said, I always order the same thing. You take your time. Im in no rush.

    When the server stepped to our table, I waited for Marion to speak first.Ill have the bourbon bacon burger. She grinned sheepishly and looked to me. Thats about as close to drinking hard liquor as Ill get. Anton would have loved that. Unfortunately, it wasnt a menu item when he was alive.

    The Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns #3)

    Although Id had something else in mind to order, I asked for the same thing.My time with Marion was a delight. We had an entertaining two-hour lunch. She did most of the talking, and I listened. She told me about a negative experience shed had with a judgmental church when she was a young teen. I marveled that she hadnt allowed it to taint her attitude toward church and other Christians and told her so.

    My dear Drew, she said, looking me square in the eyes. I never confused God with the church. Were all human. We all make mistakes. The key is not allowing anyone to stand in the way of how we view our Lord.How wise you are, I whispered, determined to thank Joe for this suggestion once I returned home.

    Following our lengthy lunch, I drove my date back to the assisted-living complex and walked her to her room. I had a delightful time, Marion.I did, too, she assured me. Next time we should invite Nancy to join us. Shes one of my best friends.

    Ill do that, I promised, determined to continue dating Marion and the other widows. I was far more familiar with the older men in the congregation. This was my effort to correct that oversight.Eager now to return home, I drove back to the parsonage. Id barely said hello to Shay before I had to leave to collect Marion. I appreciated her willingness to stay with Mark and Sarah. My daughter had been giddy with delight when she learned Shay was coming. Mark didnt show any emotion one way or the other, but I could tell he was pleased.