• Always On My Mind (The Sullivans #8) The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (Canongate Myth #16)

    I’m sorry, River, he repeated. I’m so sorry.

    A black satchel-type purse sat on the bench next to her. Just like Missy, bruises colored the left side of Dena’s face. More purple marks were visible on the pale, pale skin of her body. She sat upright, but the skin along her back was stained purple. Before being positioned on the bench, she’d laid on her back long enough for lividity to set in. She didn’t die here.She’d been positioned after death, just like Missy.

    Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5)

    Frank moved closer. He pointed to her wrists. Under the nylon rope, bruises darkened her skin. She was restrained. He bent low to squint at her battered hands. Do we know who she is?Her name is Dena Miller. Stella’s gaze traveled from Dena’s smashed fingers to the rope burns on her ankles and wrists. She’s been missing since Wednesday afternoon. Stella stared at the silk scarf. She kept her voice low. This whole scene was carefully staged.Yes. Frank propped one hand on his hip and the other on the back of his head as he glared at the body. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles #3)

    Stella stepped up to stand next to him. This is exactly like Missy Green’s death.Don’t say it. Frank looked over his shoulder.

    Stella followed his gaze to a news crew climbing out of their van. She signaled a uniform to keep them far away from the scene. He nodded and moved in, hands spread and palms out. A lollypop-thin brunette newswoman cocked a hip in irritation.

    Do not imply these two cases are related, Frank warned. The media will broadcast that Scarlet Falls has a you-know-what.Vicious flipped my dress up completely, exposing my panties, and lowered himself so his face was pressed against my sex. My hands squeezed the armrest of the chair as he inhaled deeply with a wolfish grin and kissed my underwear.

    Sounds like a catch. He bit my clit gently through my boyfriend shorts and slowly dragged his teeth across me, his hooded eyes on me the whole time, watching me squirm in pleasure. So what did you call me for, exactly?He was losing his interest in Trent’s problems, his attention shifting to the spot between my legs.

    One Lucky Vampire (Argeneau #19)

    I’m not a family law attorney, but my best advice to you as a friend is to use a condom next time and try fucking chicks who are more or less in your tax bracket. Best way to avoid getting dragged into baby-mama drama. Now, excuse me, but my snack for the afternoon has just arrived. Merry Christmas, bro. With this, he snaked his hand behind him to his desk, lifted the receiver of his office phone and slammed it, his head moving back between my legs.I’m not in your tax bracket. My brows raised and curved.

    He flashed me a devilish grin. You hate me too much to ever want to have my baby. There’s no better contraception than a woman who wants nothing to do with your sperm.I rolled my eyes and smoothed his dress shirt. Listen, Patty wants to leave early to get a head start on the Christmas Eve meal she has to prepare.

    Okay. Who the fuck is Patty? he asked, in all seriousness.My nostrils flared. Your receptionist.

    No one leaves early, he snapped, resolute. He lowered himself back to my groin.Vic… I dragged him by his tie to me and pressed my lips against his. He immediately reciprocated, sucking on my lip and licking every corner of my mouth. Our lips broke apart in a wet pop.