• Grounded (Up in the Air #3) Under Siege (Wingmen Warriors #3)

    I turned on my heels slowly, walking back toward the gas station where Liam was waiting. With the sun rising steadily at his back, his face was thrown into shadow. There was still crushed glass dusted across his shoulders, but I kept my eyes on the backpack clenched between his fingers. His cracked, white-boned knuckles.

    We have to! Because the intruders were coming. They would kill them all.Ally, it’s just a nightmare, baby. Open your eyes.

    Cale (Walk of Shame #3)

    She froze as several loud, challenging howls split the air. They’re here.Ally, wake the fuck up! That demanding, authoritative voice was too powerful to ignore.Ally burst out of the dream, and found herself looking into familiar pools of dark velvet. Another damn nightmare, on schedule. It was like they waited for her.

    The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2)

    Derren cupped her neck. It’s okay, baby. Her mouth crashed on his just as her arms locked around his neck, as if he could anchor her where she was. Like a cat, she rubbed her body against his, bringing his cock to life.He didn’t usually sense when she was having a nightmare, but he’d been wide-awake—his mind latched on the news he’d received from his sister. Ally had done no more than squirm and scowl, but he’d instantly understood she was trapped in the dark again.

    He grunted as her hand curled around his cock and began to pump. Her mouth was desperate, hot, and seeking—he knew what she was looking for from him: to forget. If that was what she wanted, he’d give it to her.

    Derren rolled her onto her back. Shush. You’re not there anymore. The dark doesn’t have you now. He slipped a hand under her ass and tilted her hips. I do. He thrust hard and deep, groaning as her pussy clamped around him. So fucking good. Her legs wrapped around his hips and her claws dug into his back as he plunged in and out of her. Her hard nipples stabbed into his chest, making him remember just how sweet they tasted.Are dominant Seers more powerful than submissive ones? Eli spooned some cereal into his mouth. His dubiousness and distrust hadn’t left him, making her scalp prickle again.

    Not that I know of. Ally piled some food onto her plate. I think it just depends on the individual. She hadn’t spent enough time around other Seers to really know for sure. It was difficult for two Seers to exist in one pack unless one of those Seers was a child. Adult Seers tended to clash and battle for the position, much like two alpha males would fight for the position of pack Alpha.Taking the infant from Nick, Shaya cuddled her. Feeling any better, angel?


    That was when Ally noticed how pale and tired the little girl looked as she chewed hard on a toy. What’s wrong with her?She’s just teething, but it’s not a pleasant time for babies.

    Let me help. Ally gently cradled Willow’s face, pushing some healing energy into the infant. Through the same link Ally had just opened, Willow’s pain traveled to her. There. Drawing back, Ally smiled at the baby, who tugged on her hair with a chuckle.What did you do? There was no tension in Shaya . . . unlike the others, who had turned stiff as boards the moment Ally had touched Willow. Like she’d ever hurt a child.

    Took the pain away. Ally cupped her own jaw then, wincing. It really does hurt.Derren spoke then. So, whenever you heal someone, their pain becomes yours? His wolf didn’t like the idea of her in pain.

    Yes, but it eases off pretty quickly. There. It’s already gone.Bracken put down his fork. Okay, I gotta ask . . . what’s it like having a sociopath for a mate?