• Pigs in Heaven (Greer Family #2) Force of Temptation (The Mercury Pack #2)

    Lately, however, my dislike for him was worsening. Ever since Tellurian’s debut single hit number one on the US Billboard, Bryan had become our biggest fan.

    Mom, I whispered, tears in my eyes.It still made me emotional that she flew all the way over to see me perform in an amateur production.

    The Client

    She strode forward and hugged me. I’m so proud of you. You were amazing. She pulled back and cupped my face in her hands. Concern pinched her features. How on earth did you handle all this with your school exams too?It was such a motherly thing to say, I wanted to burst into tears. Who was this woman? Seriously! I laughed, hugging her again. I can handle it, I promised.It wasn’t only Aidan who’d been busy lately, what with my first-year exams only a few weeks ago. It hadn’t been easy to juggle studying, the play, and getting closer to the man I loved, but it all made me so endlessly happy …

    Hero of a Highland Wolf (Heart of the Wolf #14)

    Angie drew me into her arms as soon as my mom stepped back. Ye were wonderful. I’m so proud of ye.My arms tightened around her. Thank you, Angie.

    When she let me go, Roddy approached wearing that little smirk of his. Aye, ye werenae bad.

    Werenae bad? I raised an eyebrow. Faint praise indeed.Aren’t you going home, Rusty? I’m sure you could. They would give you medical discharge. I can fill out the papers if you want.

    No, I’m happy here. I get three squares a day, medical care, and my ma gets her check. It means a lot to them back in Indianapolis.Major Langford, the new camp superintendent, gave me a sit-down job in the woodshop, learning to make furniture. I can do it all on a low bench so I don’t have to stand, and he’s looking for someone in Pittsburgh who can make me an artificial foot. My only problem is the itch.

    Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter #0.5)

    Here I raise my eyebrows. Another case of the crotch itch?Where exactly does it itch? I ask, thinking this will be awkward if I have to examine his privates with Boodean off planting trees.

    The young man looks confused. My foot, of course. My left foot. The one the doc took off!Oh. I start to giggle and I can’t stop. It’s called phantom pain when a limb is removed, but I guess you have phantom itch! Now Rusty is laughing too.

    Go ask the cook for ice to put on your stump the next time you get the itch and dunk your stump in cold water to numb the nerves. With my home remedies I’m getting more like the midwife every day.Home . . . I’m going home. My auto has been tuned up and filled with petrol by the motor pool guys. I have twenty-five dollars cash money in my pocket, my vacation pay, and two new army-issue nurse uniforms.

    It isn’t until I pass the Hucknell place that I roll down the window and slow the Pontiac. It’s a sight from a CCC poster.All across the scorched earth, CCC corpsmen march in a line, planting tiny jack pines. The boys have their shirts off, with burlap bags of seedlings tied to their belts. They take a few steps, slash a hole with their ax, kneel down, put the seedling in, stand and stomp the soil around it, then take a few more steps and do the same thing again. Someday, fifty-foot pine trees will grow here, reaching up to the sun, a memorial to the Forest Army.