• Night Huntress (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #5) Gio (5th Street #2)

    Because either she kept all the contradictions held in tightly or she wouldn’t have been able to function from the splitting apart, the falling apart.

    Feeling grateful, I was filled with smiles as I thanked people in my fake English accent. I would’ve faked a Scottish accent if I could but it always came out sounding Irish with a hint of Australian. I was good at a generic southern English accent so I went with that. Why fake an accent at all? Well, I didn’t want anyone recognizing me, and if they put my face to my voice and then to an American accent, things might get complicated.As people dwindled away, I decided to pack up for the day. It was only three in the afternoon but I wanted my shower badly. Plus, those clouds looked ready to break any minute. It was nearly an hour’s walk to the swimming center from here and as I pocketed my cash, I wondered if it would be foolish to use some of it on bus fare. If I got soaked I might get sick and then what the hell would I do?

    Shakespeare's Landlord (Lily Bard #1)

    I glanced back up at the clouds and saw one looking ready to give birth to a whole shower of raindrops.Yeah, I was going to get the bus.Feeling a familiar prickle on my skin, I looked up and saw the guy was still standing there, his arms crossed as he studied me. I scowled at his assessing attitude.

    The Soul's Mark: BROKEN (The Soul's Mark #3)

    He’d started showing up to watch me play about four weeks ago. Since then he’d appeared every Saturday, watching from a distance. I knew it wasn’t about physical attraction because I wasn’t really looking my best these days. It had to be about my voice and it freaked me out. Busking was a risk because all it would take was that one person to guess who I was from my voice.Fuck off, I tried to send him the telepathic order.

    He began walking toward me. I tensed as I put my guitar in the case. This was new.

    He stopped a couple feet from my case and I straightened to full height. I wasn’t diminutive at five foot six but I wasn’t tall either. Still, it was better than being crouched down while this stranger towered over me.Because I had hoped it would turn you into—

    Someone like you? Yeah, ’cuz you’re such a hard-ass.Watch your tone, his father bit out. And permit me to remind you that your life is not your own. It belongs to this bloodline you are a part of, and as such, it is incumbent upon me to steer you in the proper direction.

    Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls #5)

    Peyton leaned forward in the chair. I am—His father talked right over him. And accordingly, I have someone I would like you to meet. She is from a suitable family, and before you worry, she is widely considered a great beauty. I am confident that that part of all this will be to your liking. If you are smart, you will consider her fairly, without regard to any rebellion you might feel compelled to pursue as a result of my bringing this forth. I have your best interests at heart here, and I implore you to see that.

    Implore? My ass you’re imploring any of this, Peyton thought.Of course, if you fail to conduct yourself in a proper fashion—his father smiled coldly—I shall be forced to reduce your allowance.

    Being a soldier does not pay for this. His father motioned around the study in such an expansive fashion, it was clear he was referring to the entire estate. And maybe half of Caldwell itself. And somehow, I don’t believe you would fare well without this standard of living. You are not that hardy.Peyton looked off to the side, to a portrait of a male in nineteenth-century court dress. It was his father, of course. All of the portraits were of his father, each stage of Peythone’s life displayed as if he were challenging anyone to argue with his station.

    Why do you think so little of me, Peyton murmured.Why? Because I have lived through feast and famine. Wars both human and vampire. I moved across the great ocean and established our base here before any of the other families did. I am the head of this great bloodline and have conducted myself with honor throughout the centuries, remaining faithful to your mahmen, and giving her you as a gift of my loins. I hold three doctorates from human schools and am a certified expert in the Old Laws. I am also a virtuoso violinist and speak twelve languages. Tell me, what have you done? Have I in some way missed your vast accomplishments, having noted only your ability to consume vast quantities of alcohol and whatever else you do in that room I provide you with under my roof? Hmm?