• Strong, Silent Type (Rough Riders #6.5) Everlasting Kiss (Everlasting #1)

    When they walked through Alexa’s front door, everything in her house reminded her of Drew. The couch where he’d cried on her shoulder. The towel he’d stolen from the hotel for them to lie on in Dolores Park, now hanging up in her bathroom. The coffee table where he’d set her coffee while she was working. The hoodie that he’d left here on his impromptu trip and that she’d forgotten to bring back to him this weekend.

    She decided that he’d probably gone for a run on the beach like he said he did some mornings. She sort of wished he’d left her a note but forced herself to shrug it off. She got back in bed with her neglected phone to check her work email. But first things first: she typed out a quick reply to a text from Maddie that just said ????????Weekend so far: having fun, eating good food, great sex, don’t wish you were here.

    Goldfinger (James Bond #7)

    Just then, she heard Drew’s front door quietly open and close.Oh, you’re awake. He’d tiptoed into the bedroom, holding two cups of coffee in a tray and a bakery bag. I thought you’d still be asleep.She looked at the bag, and then back to him.

    Rogue (Real #4)

    I thought you went for a run, but this is much better. What’s in the bag?He laughed and handed her one of the coffee cups.

    Don’t you want to ask what’s in the cup?

    I know what’s in the cup. I have eyes and a sense of smell. It’s coffee! What I want to know is what’s in that bag! She paused. What I meant to say right there was thank you for the coffee.He ducked into his office in between patients to text her. But then he saw the text that had come in during his appointment.

    Are you sleeping with anyone else?Whoa, wait, what had prompted that? He responded before he stopped to think.

    A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1)

    Not at the moment, I’m at work.Why did he never stop to think?

    I see. What about after work, will I get a different answer?Maybe another joke would help.

    No, tonight is basketball night.There was a knock on his office door, and he looked up.

    Dr. Nichols? Your one thirty is in the exam room.I’ll be right there! he said, and looked back down at his phone.