• Endlessly (Paranormalcy #3) The Dark Elf Trilogy: Homeland (The Dark Elf Trilogy #1)

    The columns and marble and carriage entry, he continued softly. Our little palace. Remember how I slid down the banister and cracked my head on the ground?

    THERE WERE CERTAIN KINDS OF exhaustion that lingered like a drug in the body, making even the simplest tasks, like lifting one’s head from the ground, feel impossible. Nicholas’s mind seemed to be in combat with the needs of his body. He startled awake, and felt as though he were locked inside a drunken stupor. Soft voices drifted over to where he remained on the ground, curled around his throbbing right hand. The lantern had been dimmed and his eyesight was blurred, but he made out Li Min’s shape leaning against the wall, Sophia’s head in her lap.…is this quite necessary?

    The Appeal

    Very, he heard Sophia say. I am very delicate at the moment, you see.I do see, Li Min said dryly. Delicate is most certainly a word I would use to describe you, what with how you flee from weapons and faint upon seeing a drop of blood.I haven’t the slightest idea as to what you’re implying, Sophia said primly. I might die yet.

    Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour #4)

    Oh, dear, Li Min whispered. However can I prevent this?Sophia seemed to consider it, then lifted her hand from where it had been draped across her chest. You ought to check my pulse again. Make sure you count it for…a few minutes.

    He drifted away again to the sound of Li Min softly counting one, two, three, four…

    The next time he woke, it was to screams.I should have saved him, he said after a long while. When I came back to find that you’d gone…it brought me back to that moment on the mountain. It…gripped me and wouldn’t let me go, even after I saw that you were all right.

    A panic attack? she wondered. Or an echo of a terrible memory. That would explain the overreaction.All that’s left in the end is the certainty that I can’t protect you from every small thing, and it’s difficult to accept, he said. But I am truly very sorry for the things I said.

    A Lady of Persuasion (The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy #3)

    It drives me crazy to be treated like a child, she told him. I know that wasn’t your intention, and I know things are different in your time, but almost nothing gets my temper going faster.He nodded. I know. It was irrational.

    Etta shrugged. I’m no stranger to irrational thoughts, believe me. I spent the better half of my life secretly convinced I was a mistake my mom regretted bringing into the world, and that’s why she was so distant. Hardhearted and impossible to please. But I know it’s not true—when I was younger, she was…very different. And she’s given me everything I’ve ever needed. Except, of course, for the truth about traveling. Etta looked over at him, meeting Nicholas’s gaze. I’ve never told anyone that before. I’m not sure I’ve even let myself put that feeling into words before, even in my own head.And now that you know the truth— he began.

    Etta, who had been navigating through pockets of sinking mud and rivulets of water, caught a flash of bright color out of the corner of her eye. Without warning, she crouched and tugged him down with her.Nicholas landed on his knees with a surprised grunt. Etta’s attention sharpened, focusing on a point in front of them, as she rose slightly to peer over the brush. They’d been walking along the edge of the moat, following the walls of the city the best they could, even as the jungle did such an excellent job of disguising it. But now Etta caught a flash of something new. She leaned forward, parting the tangle of leaves and limbs in front of her: ochre cloth. Movement.

    It took her a moment to place what she was looking at. In her time, Buddhist monks wore brightly colored robes that ranged in color from saffron to a kind of burnt tangerine. These were a duller yellow, stained with splatters of mud; they clung to the men as they took shelter beneath the looming gate on the opposite end of a crumbling bridge.I suppose that’s the gate with the bridge you spoke of, he said, close to her ear.