• Bone Magic (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #7) Vampire World I: Blood Brothers (Necroscope #6)

    And she left, taking the earl and her daughters along with her.

    Does it really matter? he asked, shrugging nonchalantly. I’m sure I’ll think of something.Her mouth fell open. Are you saying you’d tie me up and—

    Bound in Sin (Bound #3)

    I didn’t say anything of the sort, he cut in with a wicked grin. But the idea certainly has its charms.You are despicable, she spat.And you sound like the heroine of a very poorly written novel, he replied. What did you say you were reading this morning?

    Demon Revealed (High Demon #2)

    Sophie felt the muscles working frenetically in her cheek, felt her jaw clenching to the point where she was certain her teeth would shatter. How Benedict managed to be the most wonderful and the most awful man in the world at the very same time, she would never understand. Right now, though, the awful side seemed to be winning, and she was quite certain—logic aside—that if she remained in his company one more second, her head would explode.I’m leaving! she said, with, in her opinion, great drama and resolve.

    But he just answered her with a sly half smile, and said, I’m following.

    And the bloody man remained two strides behind her the entire way home.It was very kind of you to care for me.

    She chewed, swallowed, then said, It was nothing, really. Anyone would have done it.Perhaps, he said, but not with such grace and good humor.

    Wake (Wake #1)

    Sophie’s fork froze in midair. Thank you, she said softly. That is a lovely compliment.I didn’t... er... He cleared his throat.

    Sophie eyed him curiously, waiting for him to finish whatever it was he wanted to say.Never mind, he mumbled.

    Disappointed, she put a piece of ham in her mouth.I didn’t do anything for which I ought to apologize, did I? he suddenly blurted out.

    Sophie spat the ham out into her napkin.I’ll take that as a yes, he muttered.