• The Perfect Wife The Proposition (The Proposition #1)

    My lungs turned to fire. Seconds flew toward minutes as more and more water cascaded. I forced myself not to suck in the towel, desperate for breath.

    Because I own you. Tu es à moi. You’re mine. And your thoughts belong to me, just as much as your heart, body, and soul.He shattered the achingly thick awareness between us by reclining and taking another sip. If you accept those terms, then fine. I’ll play. His permission layered with promise and warning. If I said yes, Q would have a free pass to anything he wanted. But if I did, I would have that same pass to learn more about the man I’d bound my life to.

    Revelations (Blue Bloods #3)

    It was tempting. It was scary.Q nodded, looking elegant and professional, as if he’d struck a good business transaction. Raising his almost empty glass, he signalled for the waiter. In that case. We need a few more of these.We were nothing before, now we’re completely sure. Each other’s possession, obsession, we’re free just you and me

    Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2)

    Agreeing to play a juvenile game? It wasn’t just a game—it came with disastrous consequences. There was no way I would have any luck playing it. I didn’t mean to keep Tess in the dark—but there was a lot of my past I would never talk about. Things I refused to even remember or contemplate. Things I’d forced so far inside, I could almost pretend they never happened. I didn’t want to show vulnerability by drinking, even if I refused to answer.And I definitely didn’t want to let her know just how nervous I was. Something about tonight…it was…off. I couldn’t be sure if it was lack of sleep and the strain from yesterday, or if I had a right to be concerned. Either way, I didn’t need Tess panicking over nothing. It was my job to carry the burden of safety and I’d finally fixed her—I refused to believe my time was almost up.

    But you’ll get into her head. Free access.

    Even if she refused a question, I would know what topics to chase; I’d understand her better by her avoidance, as much as her acquiescence.Great. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

    There would be no relaxing, not after Tess’s tease.Wait till I get you alone, esclave.

    Big Red Tequila (Tres Navarre #1)

    I was ready to embrace my future.Twenty-five minutes later, a small island in the shape of a horseshoe came into view. Even at night it looked like utopia. Subtle lighting illuminated one side of the island, while a few less brightened the other side.

    An island. Away from world news, doctors, or traffickers. If Suzette hadn’t already done so, I would demand a security crew to man the waters surrounding us—keeping all of us safe. I didn’t plan on leaving this place until I’d healed. As far as I was concerned, our crescent moon was over—our honeymoon had just begun.No one spoke as we soared toward land, skimming over the black ocean in a whirl of rotors. At least this time we flew. I would’ve had a f**king fit if we had to travel by boat.

    The helicopter landed gracefully on a helipad built into a large jetty. It seemed whoever owned this place valued high class amenities such as yacht moorings, seaplane dockings, and helicopter pads.My kind of place. I might have to buy it if the rest was this perfect.

    Tess made eye contact, her cheeks flushing in happiness. It looks amazing.I softened a little toward Suzette. So far, she’d done well.