• Are You Afraid of the Dark? Tristan: Finding Hope (Nova #3.5)

    Sir, the questionnaire will tell you that this was my second deployment. I was wounded both times, because I guess I’m either the luckiest or unluckiest bastard in the world, depending on how you view it.

    It was an official-looking document to be kept in a bed frame, but it was none of my business. After I stored the backpack, my morals wavered…then fell. I snatched the paper off the bed and opened it.It was the photography permit from Madagascar.

    Eventide (Dark Ink Chronicles #3)

    Brooke. No way. It wasn’t possible.Chills raced up my limbs, pooling at the base of my neck. She was the one helping to admin the site when the videos were being hacked. She had access to Paxton’s gear, to his fire box. She’d been the one to push me on the ramp that day, and Morocco…Damn it. I’d heard her voice, but only Little John had been standing on the shore when I’d been pushed. In the confusion, she could have called out from anywhere, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    My Savior (Bewitched and Bewildered #4)

    But why would she do it all when her own sister was a Renegade?I looked up over the paper and Brooke’s nightstand came into view, a framed picture of a handsome blond guy with one arm wrapped around her and the other braced on a motocross bike. Nick.

    I didn’t have all the pieces, but I had enough.

    My feet flew as I ran from the room, clutching the bandana and the permit. Where is Brooke? I asked Little John as I almost fell into the hallway.Frowning, she turned away from him on a groan. Come on, Yasmin. Let’s go see if Fatima has anything good waiting in her kitchen tonight.

    As they walked into the center of the camp, a Jeep was arriving from the other end of the makeshift village of tents and meager outbuildings. Yellow headlights bounced in the darkness as the vehicle jostled over the ruts in the dirt road into camp. The Jeep came to a halt several yards up and Karsten Hemmings hopped out of the driver’s seat.Sera? He jogged to meet her, a welcoming grin on his ruggedly handsome face. I was down at the southern camp when I got word the supplies had been released. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as he took the box out of her hands. Then he reached down to pat the child’s head with a smile. What’s going on? I thought you said you were going to be delayed with your parents for a few more days?

    Angels in Leather (Rebels on Bikes #1)

    She shrugged at the reminder of the small lie she’d told him. I found an opportunity to get away for a little while, so I thought I’d run to Marrakesh and see what I could do about the supplies.Karsten made a wry sound in his throat as he tossed the box of bandages to a passing camp volunteer. How much did it cost this time?

    After haggling the checkpoint supervisor down as far as she could manage, she’d arranged to have the money wired to the corrupt official’s personal account. It simply was the way business was done in her line of work sometimes, but all of the few thousands had added up over the years. Her account was nearly tapped dry now—at least until she completed the handfast and her father released her trust.A group of children ran past and shouted for Yasmin to join them in a game of tag. The promise of treats in the mess tent quickly forgotten, the little girl ran off to join her friends.

    Stay close to camp, all of you! Karsten called after them, watching them go. Then he cocked his head at Sera. It’s good to see you. When I heard you’d left to go to your family without telling anyone what it was about, I was afraid something was wrong. He glanced down, finally taking in her appearance. What the hell happened to your clothes?Seeing how Leila had outfitted her for a week of lounging and potential romance, before Sera left the villa, she’d raided Jehan’s wardrobe for something practical to wear out in the field.

    She couldn’t show up wearing any of the dresses or peasant skirts her sister had selected, so Sera had appropriated Jehan’s white linen tunic from the night of the banquet and a loose-fitting pair of linen pants. With the pant legs rolled up several times, the waist held around her by a makeshift red silk belt, and a pair of her own kid leather flats, her clothing wasn’t fashionable, but it was functional.It also had the added benefit that it carried Jehan’s deliciously spicy scent, which had been teasing her senses ever since she slipped the tunic over her head.