• The Course of True Love [and First Dates] (The Bane Chronicles #10) Broken (Broken #1)

    Do I look all right? she asked, smoothing her dress.

    They are children! Lady Pleinsworth roared.Richard had had enough. I must ask you not to speak to her in that tone of voice.

    The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings #1)

    I don’t think you are in any position to be making demands.Nevertheless, he said softly, you will speak to her with respect.Lady Pleinsworth’s brows rose at his impertinence, but she said nothing more.

    Leviathan Wakes (Expanse #1)

    I cannot believe you would behave so foolishly, Iris’s mother said to her.Iris didn’t speak.

    Her mother turned to Richard, her mouth cut into a firm, furious line. You will have to marry her.

    There is nothing that would please me more.Because it’s my baby, Fleur cried. I can’t just give it away.

    It’s not as if it would go to strangers, Iris said as callously as she could manage. She had to push Fleur to the edge. She could think of no other way to make her see sense.Don’t you see that that is almost worse? Fleur’s face fell into her hands, and she began to weep. To have to smile when my child calls me his aunt Fleur? To have to pretend it doesn’t kill me every time he calls you his mama?

    The Walls of Air (Darwath #2)

    Then marry Mr. Burnham, Iris pleaded.Why the bloody hell not?

    Iris’s foul language seemed to give Fleur a momentary jolt, and she blinked.Is it Marie-Claire? Iris asked.

    Fleur slowly raised her head, her eyes red and wet and so heartbreakingly bleak. She did not nod, but she did not need to. Iris had her answer.Marie-Claire had said it all earlier that morning. If Fleur married her brother’s tenant farmer, the local scandal would be stupendous. Fleur would no longer be welcome in any of the better homes in the area. All the families with whom she’d socialized would turn their heads and pretend not to see her when they crossed paths in the village.

    We British do not think warmly of those who dare to trade one social class for another, Iris said with wry inflection, whether the movement be up or down.Indeed, Fleur said, her smile small, wobbly, and humorless. She touched a tightly furled rosebud, her fingers sliding across the pale pink petals. She turned abruptly, regarding Iris with an expression that was disconcertingly devoid of emotion. Did you know that there are over one hundred species of roses?