• Meant to Be (The Saving Angels #1) David Starr Space Ranger (Lucky Starr #1)

    Rosa, her boy, and the other man had approached but stayed a few feet away.

    For fuck’s sake. What’s it going to take? We’re friends!He scoffed. Look, you were there for me, and I’m trying to be there for you. You don’t want to admit that there’s a problem? Fine.

    Carpe Corpus (The Morganville Vampires #6)

    Well, if that didn’t make me feel like shit. Carter walked in, giving me an excuse not to respond to Josh. He was right. I didn’t waste time on girls who didn’t want me. Hell, I didn’t really waste time on girls, and I couldn’t remember the last relationship I’d had that didn’t end with me handing her clothes and offering to call her a cab.It came down to that one little word I was incapable of: trust. And, damn, she made me want— Don’t even think it.Glad to see you all survived SERE, Carter said, sitting on the edge of a table at the front of the room. Well, almost all of you.

    The Fault in Our Stars

    Everyone in the class glanced around, looking for who was missing. I counted twenty-four…Rogers. I’d heard him screaming in the box that last night. Guess psych pulled him.Bateman, I’m shocked you didn’t get the crap beat out of you more often for singing that stupid song over and over.

    Hey, man, the secret of the fox is an ancient mystery. It’d been worth the beating my ribs took to distract Josh. He never did well in confined spaces.

    Our classmates laughed, but Carter didn’t. Arrogant West Point fuck was never amused. I grinned just to piss him off.I brushed her hair back with my empty hand. What do you remember?

    No, from before the accident. She bit her lip. No pressure. I’m just trying to figure out where your memory leaves off. Where your gaps are. I ran my fingers across her forehead, and she relaxed. Some things never changed.I…I remember sailing. You, me, and Owen.

    The Fire Queen (The Hundredth Queen #2)

    That was the day before. Is that where it cuts off for you? I asked. She didn’t remember the fight…or what followed. God, I was going to have to experience it all over again, because she had to know.She shook her head. No, I remember being mad at you because you wanted to turn down the Citadel. You thought it was your responsibility to be with me at UNC.

    Yes. You told me that if we loved each other, four years wouldn’t matter.Did five years matter? She leaned against my chest.

    Grace, these last five years weren’t normal years. They changed me in ways you wouldn’t have liked. In ways I still don’t like.Don’t say things like that. I like you just fine. Her eyes were level with mine as she sat up in my lap. I’m so sorry for what happened. For what you’ve been through, but from what I’ve seen, you’ve come out on the other side stronger, more focused. Maybe a little less goofy, and you don’t laugh as much, but you’re still my Gray, my Port. And I’m still your Starboard.

    She wound her hands through my hair. It can be if we let it.I knew where this was leading and couldn’t stomach it going any further. She was much too close, and not in a good way. In a way that sent me back five, hell, six years, to when I loved her without concept of what that really meant. Where I’d dated my best friend because it seemed the most logical step. With one touch, she took me back to a time where I’d confused infatuation and love with being in love.