• Lover's Bite (Wings in the Night #14) Gabriel's Inferno (Gabriel's Inferno #1)

    The second time, we're lying together in a spoon position, his arms curled around me and his mouth by my ear.

    There is no other way. There is no other way…I was terrified by the uncertainty. Not knowing what my son could wake up as. Whether he’d be a shadow of his former self. It was a fact that some people changed irreversibly after becoming vampires. Some got seduced into the dark and never crawled out. Vampirism equipped one with the tools and mentality to explore the depths of darkness, the limits of depravity, everything that was opposite to what Sofia had tried to instill in him since birth. Neither Sofia nor I had any way of telling whether Ben would retain any of that training, or whether he might allow the darkness to take hold of him, just as I had for centuries.

    Dark Secrets (Dark Secrets #1)

    Every scenario I could think of replayed over and over in my mind like a broken record. All the pros we’d seen in this decision before suddenly seemed trivial compared to the cons. It was as if I’d become blind to them completely.Sofia twisted me around to face her, holding my head in her hands. I thought she was going to ask me again what the matter was. But I could see from her eyes that she’d realized now.She turned to our son. Just wait here, okay? I need to have a word with your father.

    Dark Kiss (Nightwatchers #1)

    She tugged on my arm and pulled me toward the exit, closing the door to the chamber behind us. I leaned my forearm against the wall and rested my head against it, still trying to regulate my breathing.I thought Sofia was going to start trying to persuade me why we were making the right decision. Why we had to go through with this. She didn’t. She just wrapped her arms around me and held me close, our cold heartbeats thudding against each other as we stood in silence. I buried my face in her hair, breathing her in and clutching her tight, hoping she could ground me. Perhaps she too was waging her own war with the decision we were about to make.

    We stood in silence for the next half hour before she finally looked up at me. For all I know, she whispered, this could be a mistake. Any number of things could go wrong… She wet her lower lip before looking me in the eye. We may take away Ben’s warmth by turning him. But there’s one thing we will never be able to take from him. Choice. He can choose whether to become a monster, or whether to follow the path we’ve taken. Whatever the case, it’s his decision. We just have to hope our boy will make the right choice. Just as you did. You changed. You climbed out of the pit you thought you were stuck in because you realized you didn’t have to be that way. You stopped making excuses for yourself. You made a choice.

    I didn’t think that I could love my wife more than I did at that moment. Her words had lifted the suffocating weight from my chest. Because she was right."No. It was your courage," he says, the conversation turning from playful to serious.

    He gazes down at me adoringly and I can feel every bit of his love burning so intensely. I wonder if it will always be like this between us. Choosing to live in the moment, I give his hand a tug. "Come with me, sir. I need to give you a test drive before I decide how suitable a husband you'll make."His mouth curves up in a lazy smile. "I will be the best damn husband in the world. Now get your sexy ass down those stairs before I spank you and fuck you right here in front of my brothers."

    The Associate

    I turn and head obediently below deck, my body humming with all kinds of approval. I love all the sides to this man, but my favorite is when he lets his inner alpha male out to play. Today is going to be a very good day.What did you just say?

    I didn’t answer Derek for several moments as I continued staring at the television. Although the screen had changed, the image of two missing blonde twins remained etched in my mind.Truth be told, I’d been considering this for some time now.

    You heard me, I said.My husband sat bolt upright on the sofa next to me, his electric-blue eyes staring into mine. But why? He reached for my knee and gripped it.

    Because I’m worried, Derek.He ran a hand through his thick dark hair, an exasperated expression on his face. But how would this help?