• Under Siege (Wingmen Warriors #3) Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter #6)

    Well there wasn’t even the slightest chance that I was going to do that. Salem, snap out of it!

    Well, you’ve been handed the fucking glass slipper and you’re still acting like an asshole. She moved her hands, and the doors shut.The house was pitch-black when I unlocked the front door. Then again, at two a.m. I didn’t expect any different.

    Chasin' Eight (Rough Riders #11)

    I climbed the stairs, my heart pounding, my hands aching to fill themselves with Sam, to soak up the peace only she brought to me. She was going to be pissed. I hadn’t even called, but what was I supposed to say to her? Hey, sorry, I’m trying to walk this fine line of pretending you don’t exist and flat-out lying to my best friend.I crept into our room, quietly undressing so I didn’t disturb her. I slid into bed, only to find it empty. What the fuck? She hadn’t moved in. Of course she didn’t. You left her standing in the middle of the hallway while you ran home to your non-comatose girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend. Whatever.In only my boxer-briefs, I crept across the hall, opened her door, and dodged every landmine of clothes on the floor as I made my way to her bed. The moonlight shone in through the window, illuminating her curves as they dipped along the mattress. Her lips were slightly parted as she slept, one hand grazing her cheek. My breath caught at how fucking beautiful she was, what a gift I’d been given when she fell into my arms.

    Hogfather (Discworld #20)

    I needed her. Now. Needed to be inside her, connected to her so deep that she’d never get me out.I pulled back her covers and then carefully brought her into my arms. Mmmm, she hummed, her lips at my throat. Grayson?

    I’m here. I flipped off the hallway light and kicked our door shut gently as I brought her into what was now our bed. Where she’d stay, damn it.

    Hovered over her, I kissed the lines of her collarbone until I pulled down the thin strap of her tank top. Her eyes blinked open, sleep-hazed. Grayson, what are you doing?Really? Rob had been the lead mechanic for over a decade.

    His wife’s a nurse and she got a chance to move up at a hospital in LA.Rob in LA. Rob was a redneck from his John Deere cap to his cowboy boots.

    City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4)

    Yeah, hard to picture. Bud chuckled. But that means I’m doing some shuffling. Cade is moving up. So is Mario. I’ve had you doing mechanical already, so I’m officially putting you on the team. Pay goes up three dollars an hour, but you might end up here later than usual if a job goes long. He reached into a drawer by his knee and tugged out a couple shirts wrapped in plastic. They were navy shirts the mechanics wore, and these had Gavin stitched on a patch on the pocket. The maintenance schmoes like I had been didn’t have personalized uniforms, only the crew.My mind whirred with what this meant. An extra $500 a month meant I could get a bigger place, move Corabelle in, and she could cut back her work hours if she wanted, or else avoid taking out as many loans. I realized I hadn’t said anything. Thank you.

    Bud handed me an envelope. There’s papers with insurance stuff if you want to opt in. Just let me know if that hometown girl decides to traipse you off across the country.I shoved the shirts and the forms under my arm and headed to the garage to change and stash my gear.

    When I came out, Mario whistled. Look who’s got some real duds. He clapped me on the back. About time you got the chance to screw up something bigger than air filters.I hear the shit floated to the top yourself, I said.

    Mario laughed. It did indeed. He unpacked a radiator hose from a box. Now I get to tell you what the hell to do.And I’ll tell you where to go. I moved down the row of bays. Seems quiet for a Monday.