• My Protector (Bewitched and Bewildered #2) Sweet Trouble (Bakery Sisters #3)

    I should forget about her. There are plenty of alternates waiting to step up to bat. I should move onward and upward. Downward is always fun too.

    I stopped mid-bite of a croissant. What do you mean?She sighed and glanced toward the door, as if expecting Q to storm through at any moment. Before she could speak, I asked another question. Were you Q’s slave, too, Suzette?

    Melting the Ice (Play by Play #7)

    I didn’t really expect her to answer. My eyes widened when she said, Q set me free when I was sold to him. I’ll always love him for that. She bit her lip, before adding, Q has never taken me, not for my lack of trying. When I arrived, I was broken beyond repair. I had things done to me that I can’t even think about, let alone talk about, but Q… Q brought me back to life.I pushed the tray away, breakfast forgotten. Would I finally learn about my mysterious owner? How did he bring you back to life?She looked up, eyes glittering with tears and memories. He gave me freedom. Gave me everything I needed to get well again. For a year, he put up with me bowing and crawling, until he finally managed to get me to stand. But it took him another year to get me to open, to talk when I wanted, not just when I was asked a question. He slowly broke the brokenness in me.

    One Perfect Night (The Sullivans #8.5)

    She gripped my hand, squeezing fingers hard. You don’t get it, Ami. And you won’t until he tells you himself, but he’s the best man I know. Out of all of us, he’s the one who’s ruined. I’ve never been able to help him. For five years, I’ve worked for him, never left his side, but nothing I’ve tried works.My heart raced. Suzette confirmed my thoughts from last night. Q may be a dominant but he suffered more than anyone. With what? Perhaps he was terribly disfigured. Was that why he refused to remove his shirt? I’d never seen him naked, or touched his skin.

    Tell me, Suzette. Tell me why he’s more broken than you or I.

    She hung her head. That isn’t my story to tell, Ami. You’ll have to earn his trust and show you care to learn about your master.It reminds me of the first time we kissed, that night in my office years ago. It feels the same as that night—I’d wanted Kate, fantasized about her for weeks then too. The difference now is, I know precisely what I’ve been f**king missing. So I’m even hungrier for her, bordering on totally out of control.

    My hand slides down the front of her dress, into her bra, straining the fabric. I palm and knead her full breast, and a welcome moan reverberates in Kate’s throat. My fingers rub and pinch her nipple, making it harden to a perfect peak. Kate tears her mouth from mine and moves to my neck—sucking and licking—nipping the sensitive skin with her teeth. Making me weak in the f**king knees.I switch gears and slide my hands up her thighs, bunching her dress above her waist. Then I kneel down and pause for just a moment to appreciate the sight of her exquisitely smooth snatch.

    Secret Santa (Secret McQueen #0)

    Panting hard, Kate tries to cover her stomach with her hands. I know I’m not—Don’t f**king finish that sentence. I grab her wrists, holding them away from her body.

    Pregnancy is a strange experience for women. So many fast-paced changes—mentally, emotionally, physically. And, no, Kate doesn’t look exactly as she did before. But only a total ass**le would expect her to.Only the eminent ruler of all ass**les would care.

    You made a person, Kate. A perfectly amazing person. Then I look up into her eyes and tell her honestly, You’ve never been more beautiful to me than you are right now.A smile tugs at her flushed lips. I release her wrists, lean forward, and press my mouth against the soft flesh of her pu**y.

    Hello, old friend. I’ve missed you.I spread her with my fingers and delve in deep. She’s hot on my tongue—already wet—and sweeter than chocolate frigging cake. I cup her ass in my hands, pressing her forward, and revel in the taste of her. My eyes roll back in my head as Kate moans and gasps above me. Her fingernails cut into my shoulder blades, and after only a minute she’s begging.