• The Substitute Millionaire (The Million Dollar Catch #1) Hunter's Heart (Alpha Pack #4)

    Some vampires break. Most don’t. After a while you can tell the ones that will.

    The music and laughter made me feel resentful and I glared at my bedroom door.My parents were not like other people’s parents.

    Uglies (Uglies #1)

    The thing that really made them stand apart from my friends’ parents was the fact that they never bothered to hide the act of sex from me. Sure, they’d never openly started going at it in front of me, because that would have been traumatizing, but they also didn’t do sex quietly like my best friend Gemma’s parents. At least, Gem and I assumed they were doing it quietly. Either that or they never had sex. But Gem thought they got along too well for that to be the case.And then she asked me to stop talking about it. Which was, like, totally fair enough.My mom and dad lacked consideration for me, and these loud parties were just another way in which they didn’t seem to care how I felt. When I told Gem about the parties my parents were throwing, she felt bad for me. That didn’t bother me. What bothered me was Nick’s reaction.

    Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (Fablehaven #4)

    He was worried about me, and Nick never worried about anything. However, at fifteen he was a year older than us, so maybe he knew something we didn’t. Whatever he knew, his unease made me anxious, creating horrible butterflies in my stomach as I listened to the party beyond my door.I want you to come to me if you ever feel scared, Nick had said.

    I’d nodded but wondered what I had to feel scared about. It was just a loud, annoying party.

    Still, something made me get up out of bed that night. It made me stare at the door. And it wasn’t the dry, heady heat of a July in Arizona, because I had a separate air-conditioning system in my bedroom suite, and while my parents liked it tepid in the rest of the house, I liked it cold. Gem said she didn’t believe for a second I was born in Arizona. Surely, I should have acclimated years ago. I hadn’t. And when I was older and I didn’t have to live with my irresponsible parents, I was moving to a state that had all four seasons.But right now, I was cursing Stella for being a good boss. I wish she’d demanded I stay on top of my work because right then I could have been answering a bunch of e-mails—e-mails I was sure were piling up between the two projects I was currently working on. Sometimes I had clients who turned the reins fully over to me; most times my clients just wanted to have the overall aesthetic (maybe even fabrics and palettes) run by them. And then there were the few who wanted to be involved in every choice I made. They were the exhausting clients and right now I had one of them.

    I could only imagine she was going nuts waiting on me to get back to work.I enviously watched my seatmate work away on his laptop.

    Hemy (Walk of Shame #2)

    The only bright spot was when the flight attendants offered us a light lunch and I got that cup of coffee I’d been longing for. It was instant, so it wasn’t great, but it was caffeine and I could not help the little sigh of pleasure that escaped my lips after the first sip.I thought I felt the Scot tense at the noise, but when I side-eyed him, he was digging into his lunch, ignoring me.

    My lunch could wait. First I savored my coffee.If you’re not going tae eat that, I will, he said, sounding annoyed.

    How I managed to rankle him just sitting there I did not know.I am going to eat it. I’m enjoying my coffee first.

    I thought maybe you were one of those women that doesn’t eat. He shrugged, throwing back the rest of his coffee.I think we’ve established you’re a judgmental pain in the ass. I smiled sweetly before turning to my lunch. Feeling his eyes on me, I ate it slowly and deliberately, knowing intuitively that it would bother him. And it was not my imagination that the tension between us thickened as I brought bite after bite of the ham salad to my mouth at a snail’s pace.