• Haven (Apocalypsis #4) City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments #3)

    Reed followed the bouncing ball and found Lori’s name as the attorney that set up the agreement between husband and wife, premarriage.

    Bria huffed as the red-headed guy glanced back again, spying us for the second time—or the third, if he remembered us from upstairs. He slowed, narrowly missing the rat darting out from the car right behind him.You’re right, she said, grabbing my arm and stopping me. She put up her hand to block the sun as she looked around in confusion. This is the wrong spot, she said loudly, turning in a circle.

    The Dark Highlander (Highlander #5)

    Another rat practically ran over the feet of the black-haired man. He jumped back with a start, drawing the attention of the red-headed guy.Go, go, Bria said, whipping me around and back toward the building. Wait, shit. She stiffened as she stared at the black keypad next to the door. They’d catch me breaking in. Bugger. She yanked me toward the wall and started walking. Hurry up. Don’t look.I ripped my gaze away from the two guys dancing around, the rats running at their feet, but not before the guy with the black hair looked directly at us, his eyes narrowed suspiciously. I did a double-take as the rat at his feet slowed, then stopped, before convulsing. Another went into convulsions right behind it.

    Forever Consumed (Consumed #3)

    Can a Necromancer rip the soul out of another Necromancer’s cadaver? I asked, my voice tight.Sure, if they’re set up for it.

    Like with incense and stuff?

    What if they don’t have that stuff? I asked, desperately trying not to look back. I could see their shapes out of the corner of my eye. Whatever they suspected, they weren’t following us. Not yet.Without comment, Sasha walked away.

    Liam leaned in. What the hell is she all about?The woman working on her makeup smoothed something under Avery’s eyes that felt like heaven. Have you been sick? the stranger asked.

    Protecting His Witness (Red Stone Security #7)

    Avery closed her eyes. I’m getting over it.Liam rested a hand on her shoulder.

    Twenty minutes later, wearing an edgy jacket in a rust orange color with matching Prada on her feet, Avery felt a little like her old self. Because she couldn’t leave the makeup lady without buying a few things, Avery held a bag with her boots and five hundred dollars’ worth of makeup.Apparently Sasha didn’t approve. The second they were out of the department store, she grabbed Avery’s bag and handed it to the first petite homeless woman she could. Merry Christmas.

    Avery’s jaw dropped. Those were Stuart Weitzmans.I’m sure Stuart has others. Come on. We’re late.

    Sasha stopped in front of a black SUV double-parked outside the department store. Liam, you’re in front.Avery scooted in the back with Sasha and glanced at the driver. I know you, she said, slightly surprised. You’re part of the Alliance team.