• Death Weeps (Death #5) The Heat is On (Out of Uniform #6)

    He had to cut off his own finger.

    "I didn’t know how you took it.""With cream and sugar. This is perfect. Thank you."

    Angels of Darkness

    He nods. "Everything…okay?""Yes." I straighten my spine. He didn’t pay for drama and I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear about my problems back home. "I just called my mom. Everything’s going to be fine now." At least that’s what I’m telling myself.A frown line momentarily creases his forehead, before his expression returns to the relaxed, neutral one I’ve come to expect. "Marta should be here in about an hour. You’ll probably want to get yourself ready."

    Grip of the Shadow Plague (Fablehaven #3)

    "Thanks again." I tip the coffee to my lips and watch as he exits the room.After finishing my coffee, I decide to prepare for Marta’s arrival. I run myself a bubble bath in the extra-large soaker tub and sink into the warmth, letting the hot water strip away my earlier tension.

    The basket beside the tub is stocked with everything I could need and more – luxury bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, razors, and body washes in several different scents. I lose myself in the process, lathering my hair and skin and enjoying the peaceful moment and the fragrant scent of herbs enveloping me.

    Until I hear the bathroom door open.There’s nothing we can do, Caleb grunted. If we need more money, we’ll just have to find some more.

    Feeling frustrated that we might have to rob yet another innocent person and overwhelmed by the crime I’d just committed, I took my frustration out on Caleb, even though I knew it wasn’t fair.Where the hell were you?

    Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders #3)

    Why didn’t you pay for the jacket?I asked you a question first.

    I told you I’d come searching for you after ten minutes. I waited thirteen before I left the lobby. His breathing was heavy as he swam upstream against the current.I would have paid for the jacket, I said through gritted teeth. But there wasn’t enough money. I paused, trying to calm myself. I’m sorry. Are you okay?

    I wasn’t out in the sun for long…He stopped swimming and groaned.

    What’s wrong?My eyes. The sun is blazing into them.