• Nightbred (Lords of the Darkyn #2) Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed #6)

    Yes, I say, my throat clogged with emotion. Yes, I'll marry you, Fenris Vane, my Moonlight Prince.

    Im Violet. Shes blushing furiously.You work at the library, dont you? James asks with polite interest, eyes shining, shit-ass grin widening. She directs a few smiles my way, glowing with excitement over this new development, wheels turning in her diabolic girl brain.

    Animal Dreams

    Shit. I dont need anyone getting the wrong idea about whats happening here, least of all Jameson, who cant seem to mind her own business.Yes, at the circulation desk. Violet clears her throat. Well, I-Im actually the everything desk. Nervous laughter. I-I tutor, I shelve books, I babysit…Youre Zekes babysitter? Oz pipes up from behind his girlfriend. He taps her on the arm. I knew it. That would explain her presence. Told you he needed a nanny.

    Kahayatle (Apocalypsis #1)

    Shut up, Ozzy, I growl. Thats not what she meant.My roommate rolls his eyes.

    How the hell are you putting up with him? Youre a saint, arent you? Oz asks, pushing through so he can be front and center in the whole, fucked up conversation. Im Oz, and this handsome fellow is Elliot.

    Elliot waves sheepishly, flipping shaggy brown bangs and pushing up his glasses. Hey.Fen sighs, wrapping his arm around me, pulling me closer. Marasphyr helped us rescue you. In exchange for a possible favor from me in the future.

    A favor? Oh God. What favor? What if she wants him to—There is nothing between us, says Fen, caressing my hands. Nothing at all. He looks sincere. Honest.

    Play On (Play On #1)

    For a second, Marasphyr loses her composure and scowls, but then, just like that, it returns: her perfect smile.God, I just want to punch those teeth. I…

    Okay, Arianna. Okay. Relax. Focus on something else.What is this place? I ask, looking around. Doesn't look like any of the Seven Realms I've visited.

    Because it's not, says Marasphyr, leaning against a tree. You might call it a different world entirely, but it's not that either. Not truly. This is a place between worlds. A Rift, if you will. Normal rules don't apply here.Kayla raises an eyebrow. Normal rules?

    Tavian puts his arm around her, and they share a look of comfort. Time moves differently here, he says. Here, a year is like a week in Inferna. A day is less than a moment.Wait, I say, concerns rummaging in my head. What of my contract? I must spend a month with each prince, and Levi isn't here. Even if he was, my time with him was pretty much over. I was due for another prince.