• Wolf House - Potter's Story (Kiera Hudson Series One #4.5) Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling #11)

    Sebastian wanders in, takes one look at Robert and jumps out of reach up on the worktop.

    I finally willed myself to look at him, meeting his mahogany eyes, even though it made me flush with heat when I did. Im not mad at you. I promise.If I did something to upset you, you can tell me, he said in a low voice, distressed at the thought that hed done something to hurt me. Thats, like, the foundation of our friendship. Were always honest with each other.

    Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter #11)

    I am, I lied as convincingly as I could.Good, Ridley said, not because he believed me, but because he didnt know how else to push me.Is this why you asked me to dance? I asked, trying to lighten the mood. So you could interrogate me?

    Nash (Marked Men #4)

    No. I asked you to dance because I wanted to dance with you, he said simply. Youre a good dancer.With that, he extended his arm and I stepped back away from him. Then he pulled me close, twirling me as he did, and I stopped with my back pressed against his chest. His arms were wrapped around me, and his breath felt warm on my neck.

    We stayed that way for only a second, our hips swaying slightly, and my heart pounded so loudly I was terrified he could feel it, but I didnt want to pull away from him. I actually wanted to stay that way forever, with the orchestra swelling, and the singer reaching her crescendo as she warned about the blindness of love. Under the dim candlelight of a chandelier in a crowded ballroom, with Ridleys arms strong as they crossed over me, my body bound to his, I closed my eyes, wishing the moment would last forever.

    But it was only a split second, and then he had my hand, and he spun me around again. This time, when he pulled me back into his arms, I extended my leg, the way the dance required. He dipped me down so low, my hair brushed against the floor, and my eyes stayed locked on his as he pulled me back up.Cant answer that. Im on a secret mission. He says the words like he is kidding around, playing some game, but something is behind them. Who are you?

    Im on a secret mission, too. But I can tell you a story. One that was.Go on, he says, still Ben in his eyes: curious, wanting to know everything I am inside, like he always did.

    Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run #5)

    Once upon a time, there was a Slated boy named Ben, who loved to run. He met a Slated girl with a few problems: lets call her Kyla. But she loved to run, too. They became…friends. More than friends. I blush.Ben: that is what you called me the last time.

    And I see the realisation in his eyes. Ive got good taste in girls, even in fairy tales, he says, still light, teasing. Curious.But now is where it gets difficult. My smile falls away. Listen, Ben or whoever you are now. Youve been re-Slated, or treated somehow to forget. I dont know how, or why. Dont believe what you are told. The old you fought to think for himself! He believed there could be a better way than the Lorders way.

    He stares into my eyes, something inside him thinking, considering, for a few heartbeats. Then the look is gone along with his smile. This is indeed a fairy tale, he says. Time for me to go now, dream girl. And he takes off, running, back the way he came. I stop myself, just, from chasing after him, and slip into shadows under the trees. Fighting not to cry at the cold vacuum created by his absence.I did the best I could. Did I achieve anything?

    For a moment, there was something in his eyes, some trace of thought. I didnt imagine it! Have I planted a seed of doubt that will grow into something strong enough to withstand what has been done to him, what is being fed to him in that Lorder place?I pull my dark clothes back over what I wear, and get on the bicycle to start the long ride back to Macs. Thinking of what I said, what I could have said that was better, and—