• Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements #3) The Arrangement 16 (The Arrangement #16)

    He frowned. Im not a snob.

    Without a moments hesitation, she agreed. I wouldnt mind at all. It was time Sunshine mended fences with her sister, and it seemed Ellie was maybe as eager to look past the wounds of the past as well.Sunshine placed the huge bowl of greens in the center of the table. I wonder if your mother is going to recognize the new you.

    Octopussy & the Living Daylights (James Bond #14)

    Beths beautiful face was transformed by a bright smile.They ate and chatted and laughed together. Beth was as dear to her as any daughter would have been. She saw in this woman much of herself and all the good parts of her sister. It gave Sunshine pride that she had played an important role in her nieces life, offering her encouragement and small reprieves of independence and happiness.After they finished their meal, she stood to do the dishes. Wanting Beth to relax, Sunshine shooed her niece into the living room. Make yourself comfortable, she said. This wont take any time at all.

    The Temptation of Lila and Ethan (The Secret #3)

    Beth went into the cozy room with its art-filled walls but came back into the kitchen almost immediately.Sunshine, Beth said softly. Whats this?

    She turned to see what was in her nieces hand and felt all the color drain out of her face.

    Beth held the letter Sunshine had written Peter so long ago. She quickly took hold of it and offered her niece a sad smile. Nothing important, she offered lamely, and tucked it away out of sight.When Vanessa ushers Libby away, I stay right there for a while longer.

    Later in the afternoon I have a dog-walking, picnic date with Cordelia Ominsmitch.We meet in the courtyard of the castle and while the other ladies and crew are several yards away, behind the cameras, if I keep my back to them, it feels almost normal. Cordelia walks up to me, smiling, carrying a well-fed white miniature poodle with beady, angry black eyes.

    Dragon on Top (Dragon Kin #0.4)

    The cameras roll as Cordelia reaches me, wearing snug blue jeans, high brown leather boots, and a flowy, flower-patterned blouse with a revealing neckline. Shes lovely. I stand straight, one arm folded across my lower back, and nod.How are you, Cordelia?

    Im very well now. She flutters her lashes coyly. But Ive been thinking, Id like to get our first kiss out of the way. Then, I wont be nervous thinking about it, and Ill already know how magical we are together.Shes playing for the cameras—Ive seen it done enough to know. But I dont care.

    And I lean in, she reaches up—then the unpleasant mongrel in her arms growls and tries to bite my face off. Luckily, I pull back just in time.She smiles apologetically. This is Walter.

    I wave. Good to meet you, Walter.Cordelia bites her lip. Sorry. Hes very protective of me. She gazes down at the dog and he starts to lick her chin. Arent you, precious? she coos to him. You love your mummy. You want to give Mummy a kiss? Okay, give Mummy all your kisses.