• Perfect Lie Kindled (The Kindred #3)

    If you’re looking for character-building, you should add fall in love to your list, my mom said.

    You okay? she asked me.You were kind of off today, she said.

    No Control (Delta Force #2)

    It was cold in here.Right? I hope it warms up more for the festival.She smiled. See you tomorrow.

    Ladies Man (Manwhore #3)

    She headed for the door.Victoria? I called.

    Yeah? She turned back.

    Thanks for carrying us on the show.He hunched his shoulders sheepishly. You know what I mean. I just thought it would be better for you if you didn’t have all the facts.

    I still don’t have all the facts. I yanked at my right leg, managing to free it from the crevice. If Ian wouldn’t tell me what was going on, maybe Rowan would. I fixed my eyes on the back of his neck. His hair was slightly longer at the nape.So who are you exactly? I asked, using my friendliest Catarina-approved voice. She was big on curiosity as a means of persuasion. Start by acting interested.

    In Green's Jungles (The Book of the Short Sun #2)

    I don’t know if it was my question or sparkly tone, but his eyes flicked toward me warily. Rowan. We met back at the hotel? You told me my bumper was sagging?That sounds dirty, Ian said.

    It was your tailpipe, I wailed, dropping the act. Never mind. That part doesn’t matter. What I want to know is why you—I pointed at him—clearly Irish, and my brother—I pointed at Ian—clearly American, are acting like best friends. And don’t just say ‘online’ again. People who only know each other online don’t complete each other’s sentences.Isn’t this a violation of the terms and conditions? Rowan asked, calling upon what Ian had said earlier. Ian gave him a smirk equivalent to a fist bump.

    True, it is a clear violation . . . , I started, but I paused to think. What I needed was a cohesive argument. It had worked before in persuading Rowan to give me the keys. Rowan, the thing is that I’m much more likely to be supportive of Ian’s plans if I know what is going on.Riiiiight, Ian said, dragging out the word.

    I am, I insisted. I didn’t come with you on your first stop just so I could sit back here listening to you guys dissect the music industry. Saying first stop felt like a dangerous concession. It suggested the possibility of the road trip.Rowan took both hands off the wheel to adjust his glasses. She’s right. This is why she’s came with us in the first place—to give her some time to get used to the idea.