• The Queen Of The Damned (The Vampire Chronicles #3) UnSouled (Unwind Dystology #3)

    I RAN DOWN TO BREAKFAST the next morning, gripping the paper in my hand. I buzzed past the guards and the Elite, plunking it down in front of Mom and Dad.

    Tell me you can see that guy, Kieran said, a cold sweat breaking out.Where? Zorn said, his body loosening, preparing to react violently.

    Collision Course

    She gave me her power. Kieran started forward, his body stiff and adrenaline surging through him. She gave me the ability to see spirits.What? Zorn took the trunk from Kieran, studying his face.Kieran moved down the walkway, stopping when he was even with the man. Staring at him.

    Frostfire (Kyndred #3)

    The man looked behind him, then around the yard, then finally back at him. Can you see me?A wave of dizziness hit Kieran, his mind reeling. You’re not… He swallowed. Of all the things he’d been through, all the things he’d done, seeing the spirit of an old man was the thing that gave him pause? Are you Frank?

    Zorn startled and pushed in beside Kieran.

    The man put a finger to his chest and lifted his gray eyebrows. You can see me? he repeated.I looked up at Mom, confused. Jealous?

    Earlier today when you were speaking to Marlee, you said you were jealous of what she did for love.Did I say that? I swallowed.

    Hero (Hero #1)

    You did. And I wonder why you’d be jealous of someone suffering to get to the person she loves when it seems like a very sweet boy is waltzing right into your arms.I froze. How could I spin this around?

    Maybe a better word would have been admire. It’s a very brave thing she did.Mom rolled her eyes. If you want to lie to me, that’s fine, but I’d suggest you stop doing it to yourself before you find you’re in a position you can’t get out of.

    With that she walked on, taking a seat next to Miss Lucy and General Leger. The studio was usually cold, but I felt sure that the chill that went through me wasn’t related to the temperature.And you’ll wait right here, the producer said, dragging Henri to stand beside me. We still have some time, but don’t go running off. Has anyone seen Gavril? she shouted to no one in particular.

    Henri pointed to the tie that Eikko had just fixed. Is good?Yes. I brushed at his shoulders and sleeves. I looked past him to Eikko, who had done an amazing job at pulling himself together. I hoped I appeared as calm on the outside as he did. Inside it felt like I was a sweater with a loose string being pulled and pulled until I’d be nothing but a knot on the floor.