• The Real Werewives of Vampire County (Guardians of Eternity #9) Royally Endowed (Royally #3)

    Who. Are. You, Sophia managed to get out from between her gritted teeth.

    Wow, the latter words were like blades. Jaime had laughingly told Makenna all about Greta’s issues, had warned her that the psychotic woman would see her as a threat to her unmated boys.Taryn quickly came to Makenna’s side with a little boy balanced on her hip. This is my son, Kye. He gave Makenna a shy wave. Greta here is Trey’s grandmother; feel free to ignore her.

    Shadows (Lux #0.5)

    The wolves who hadn’t yet officially met Zac then came forward to chat with him. He didn’t move from Makenna’s side, but the tension had left his body by the time the introductions were all done.Taryn then offered to give them a tour. Jaime, Ryan, and Kye came along, since the kid had latched on to Ryan’s neck and wouldn’t let go. The little boy was a mini version of his father but with Taryn’s hair, which was made up of several different shades of blond.Zac’s excitement returned as they explored the first floor where the living area, kitchen, laundry room, game room, poolroom, and office were located. It was also where the Alphas, Betas, Tao, and the enforcers slept.

    After the Ex Games (The Ex Games #4)

    The second floor featured many en-suite bedrooms—some belonged to pack members, others were for guests—a small kitchenette, and a laundry room.There are two other floors, and they’re all the same as this one. Taryn stopped at a particular room on the second floor. This, Zac, will be your room. She opened the door wide, revealing a large space that had been decorated perfectly for a teenage boy. Undoubtedly, Lydia had had a hand in the design.

    My room? he echoed, voice hoarse.

    Ryan spoke. You can use it for overnight visits. When Zac darted a panicked look at Makenna, Ryan added, Makenna could come along. We have plenty of guest rooms.Julian groaned, sinking back against the boat in dismay. Etta’s arms worked faster, the oars beating at the water as the other embankment finally came within a few dozen yards.

    It’s just not fair. How did you get us into this mess? What kind of bad-luck charm are you?Can you please shut up? she snapped. Reach for the embankment when you can and pull us in—

    The Arrangement 11 (The Arrangement #11)

    The next two gunshots splintered the floating ice, spraying water across her face. Etta’s heart felt like it was about to unhook from her chest and pass up her throat. Rather than wait for Julian, she used one of the oars to catch the lip of the embankment and pull them over to it. She felt the slice of a bullet across the back of her exposed neck before she heard it explode through the air. Etta gasped in shock more than pain.Don’t think about it don’t think about it don’t think—hard to ignore a literal brush with death, but Etta slithered up onto the snow-dusted embankment, trying to get her bearings. She clung to her last shreds of focus, swinging her gaze around. Most of the embankment’s walls were high—too high to climb up from the water. But just in front of the building—which she hoped was the Imperial Academy of Arts that Julian had mentioned—were steps that led down to the water’s edge, guarded by two enormous stone sphinxes facing inward, as if squaring off against each other.

    Don’t leave me! Julian called after her, still crouched in the boat. A shot zinged off the stone embankment, forcing Etta’s attention up toward the group of rowboats moving toward them, shining flashlights across the dark ice and water.They’ll kill me, he told her in a rush, struggling to reach the embankment again. That’s why I never came back—Grandfather didn’t want me for his heir, and he would have killed me—

    She wasn’t surprised by Julian’s admission, but she also didn’t have time for it.Come on, she said, stretching a hand out toward him. Her shoulder was on fire, her ears felt like fireworks had been set off inside them, and her whole body was trembling from the cold; but, digging deeper, she found the last burst of strength she needed to grip his hand and draw the boat forward again. Julian scrambled up onto the embankment, lying as flat as he could across from her—so close that Etta could smell the alcohol on his breath.

    You said you were the brains! she snapped. Where’s the passage?The statues—do you see them? The right sphinx, just at the base.