• Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova #3) Cement Heart (Viper's Heart #1)

    —a gentleman, Anthony continued with a nod of thanks toward his brother, she can be, ah…

    Are you fishing for compliments? she asked, returning the half smile with the vaguest tilt of her lips. For you must know  that the Bridgertons are almost always spared her rapier quill. Lady Whistledown is nearly always complimentary when writing about your family.It’s led to quite a bit of speculation about her identity, he admitted. Some think she must be a Bridgerton.

    Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno #2)

    He shrugged. Not that I’m aware of. And you didn’t answer my question. Which question was that? What you know of me from Whistledown She looked surprised. Are you truly interested?If I cannot know anything about you, at least I might know what you know about me She smiled, and touched the tip of  her index finger to herlower lip in an endearingly absentminded gesture. Well, let’s see. Last month you won some silly horse race in Hyde Park.

    Such a Rush

    It wasn’t the least bit silly, he said with a grin, and I’m a hundred quid richer for it.She shot him an arch look. Horse races are almost always silly.

    Spoken just like a woman, he muttered. Well—

    Don’t point out the obvious, he interrupted.She closed her eyes for a moment, as if the act of keeping them open had required more energy than she possessed. It’s still storming.

    Anthony nodded. That was true. The rain was still beating against the windows with just as much ferocity as before, but it had been several minutes since the last bout of thunder and lightning.She looked at him with desperate eyes. I can’t…I don’t…

    The Stars Shine Down

    Anthony squeezed her hand. You don’t have to say anything.He felt her body shudder and relax, then heard her whisper, Thank you.

    Do you want me to talk to you? he asked.She shut her eyes—not as tightly as before—and nodded.

    He smiled, even though he knew she could not see it. But maybe she could sense it. Maybe she’d be able to hear his smile in his voice. Let’s see, he mused, what can I tell you about?Tell me about the house, she whispered.

    This house? he asked in surprise.Very well, he replied, feeling rather absurdly pleased that she was interested in the one pile of stone and mortar that meant so much to him. I grew up here, you know.