• Perfect Shadow (Night Angel #0.5) A Little Night Magic (Nodaway Falls #1)

    She has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her heart has thickened to the point that she has an obstruction and struggles to pump her blood. We were lucky with Paisley, and we’ve been able to monitor it, but we only caught it because we lost Peyton. Her heart failed without warning one morning after PT. Sudden cardiac death.

    But it shared a property line with the McDonald ranch.Mercy was in her vehicle when Truman called. She pulled into a fast-food restaurant parking lot to give the call her full attention, and ignored the heavenly smell of frying beef.

    Bewitched & Betrayed (Raine Benares #4)

    I just had an interesting call with a buddy of mine in northern Idaho, he started. He proceeded to lay out his theory that Tom McDonald wasn’t who he claimed to be.Mercy listened in shock, letting the concept sink into her brain.I’m glad I parked before I heard that bit of information.

    Nauti Boy (Nauti #1)

    I can see how you came to that conclusion, Mercy admitted. McDonald doesn’t look as old as he should. And the fact that he has absolutely no record? That tells me he’s been trying extra hard to stay clean over the years. Do you think his real past is hiding something horrible?I don’t want to jump to conclusions, said Truman. Let’s wait and hear what this officer in Idaho finds. We could be way off course.

    And does it really change what’s happened here? she asked. The deputies are still dead, and we don’t know who set two of the fires. Past or no past, something is up. Although I think it’s an excellent theory, and I’ll mention it to Darby. Maybe she can help your Idaho guy.

    Why? Her boss’s warning about not going out to the ranch alone echoed in her head. Male or female, he hadn’t believed it was safe, and Mercy agreed.Once we had our bags, we met my dad outside. He looked haggard when we all piled into the minivan. Something up, Pops? I asked.

    With a glance at me, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Let’s just say, the house is kind of…busy right now. This may be the most peace and quiet I’ve had in a while. God, I’ve missed being able to hear myself think.I looked around the crowded airport, cars coming and going, people shouting, hustling, and scrambling to get somewhere else. This was peaceful? Anna sighed after Dad’s statement. Tossing my arm around her shoulder, I gave her as encouraging a statement as I could. It’s my family…how bad could it possibly be?

    It's in His Kiss (Bridgertons #7)

    Her blank expression clearly told me just how epically awful she was sure it was going to be. It also said that if I ever wanted to get laid again, I should start looking for a place as soon as possible. I started scrolling through the classifieds in the van.As the airport became indiscernible in the rearview mirror, I thought over the complete and total lack of a fan freak-out there. No one had asked for an autograph, no one had screamed, no one had bitched about me leaving the band. No one had even recognized me. What the hell? Wondering if my parents had heard the news about the band, I asked Dad, So…did you see me on Live with Johnny? That puffed-up cocksucker.

    Dad frowned. No…I must have missed it. What night were you on?I rolled my eyes. Typical. Unless I gave them about ten reminders, my parents missed everything I did. Except making children. They flocked to grandkids like flies to a shitpile. Well, you missed a good one. I quit the band.

    Dad snapped his gaze to me; he jerked the wheel along with his head, almost colliding us with a taxi. Maybe I should have driven. Why the hell would you quit the band? He gaped at me like I’d just told him I was having a sex change.Frowning, I indicated the road. Last thing I needed was to damage my face because Dad rear-ended somebody. Especially now, since I had nothing to fall back on. This gorgeous mug was about to be my sole source of income. I found something better. The TV show? Remember? That’s why we’re here.

    Dad closed his eyes and I almost socked him in the arm. Pay attention, old dude! Griffin…TV shows are a dime a dozen around here, you know that. And most of them never even get picked up, and if they do, they only last a season at best. You know that too. When you said you were filming one, I just assumed you were doing it for fun, in your downtime. I didn’t realize you’d quit… He groaned, like he couldn’t believe he’d raised such an imbecilic child.My hands clenched into fists. Why was my family always the first to condemn me? This one is getting picked up, that’s already a done deal. And it’s going to be huge, so you can quit freaking out. I looked around the car; Anna was in the middle part of the minivan with Gibson and Onnika on either side of her. She still looked dull around the edges, like she was in mourning. Everyone can quit freaking out…and have a little faith in me. Facing front, I crossed my arms over my chest. This was supposed to be different.