• Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed #2) Heir to the Shadows (The Black Jewels #2)

    ‘Well, she ran away, and I didn’t get the chance to pursue any more information.’

    ‘Violet! Wake the hell up!’ Fabian said, bending over her limp body and slapping her cheek. He raised his hand to hit her again when her eyes flew open, water spewing from her mouth. I caught sight of the fleshy roof of her mouth and her teeth, fangless. Fabian sprung back, yanking his hand away. But I stepped forward, finishing the job for him. My hand came into contact with her skin with a satisfying crack and her cheek became a bloody red.Fabian turned to me, his eyes becoming black. Kaspar, he growled in my mind.

    Room for More (Cranberry Inn #2)

    I shrugged, pushing my dripping fringe from my forehead. ‘Just making sure,’ I replied, aloud. Her dress had become sheer and my eyes roamed over her body, wondering what I had done to have such a good specimen cross my path. Fabian pulled his jacket off and slung it around her shoulders as she sat up, his consciousness lingering around the edge of mine.But she didn’t miss my gaze either. ‘Oh, Kaspar, my hero,’ she said between gasps of air, her voice thick with sarcasm.‘And yes, you are the damsel in distress,’ I answered, equally sarcastic, pulling my soaking T-shirt up and over my head.

    One Long Embrace (Eternal Bachelors Club #5)

    ‘That’s all the thanks you’re getting, so I suggest you take it,’ she muttered, clearly thinking I wouldn’t notice her stealing a glance at my chest. I ignored her, shouting to Cain and the others to start heading back. Two of us should be able to handle a half-drowned human girl, even if she was a little feisty.Fabian offered her a hand and she got to her feet, only to drop again, her eyes – such an unusual colour for a human – becoming unfocused. Fabian caught her and I stepped forward, sighing, resigned to the fact I would have to carry her. Her eyes slid back into focus and back out again as she squirmed and buried herself deeper in Fabian’s arms.

    ‘You take her,’ I said to him, figuring she would be less likely to kick up a fuss. He whispered a few words in her ear and picked her up. Sure enough, she was good as gold. I raised an eyebrow at him and he winked, his hand wrapping around the back of her bare knee. I turned away, stepping into the shadow of the trees.

    Behind, I heard her question him about the squid. His reply was vague as he glossed over the details of where it had come from and who had given it to us.And actually, the urge to keep the girl away from Easterly wasn’t because Gin didn’t love her daughter. It was just that the girl’s presence was too stark a condemnation of choices and actions and lies that were Gin’s own and no one else’s—and sometimes it was best not to look too closely at those things.

    Besides, Europe was grand. Especially if one did it right.Gin walked on, heading for the straight-out-of-Tara staircase that bifurcated on a middle landing before bottoming out on both sides of Easterly’s tremendous marble foyer. The dress spoke up with each of her strides, the fall of silk rustling against the tulle underskirting in a way that made her imagine the hushed conversation of the Frenchwomen who had put the stitches in the gown.

    White Cat (Curse Workers #1)

    As she came to the landing and chose the right side, as it was closer to the parlor cocktails were always served in, she could hear the patter of voices. There would be thirty-two for dinner tonight, and she would be seated in the chair her mother should be in, opposite and down the long table from her father at the head.She had done this a million times and would do it a million times hence, this acting as the lady of the house—and usually it was a duty she carried out with pride.

    Tonight, however, there was a mourning behind her heart for some reason.Probably because it was Amelia’s birthday.

    Especially given that when she had called her daughter, Amelia had refused to come down and get on her dorm’s house phone.It was the kind of thing Gin would have done.

    See? She was a good parent. She understood her child.Lane refused to dress in black tie for dinner. He just kept his slacks on, and traded his shirt for a button-down that he’d left behind when he’d gone to live with Jeff up north.