• Deeply Odd (Odd Thomas #6) Betting on You: A Danvers Novella (Danvers #4.5)

    ‘Good evening, Mrs Collins,’ said Erika, holding up her ID. The other officers followed suit.

    Before I do something we’ll both regret.Her chest rose and fell as if she’d heard me, her hair silky and sensual, cascading over her shoulder.

    Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax #3)

    My muscles tensed as she slowly reached up, her hands disappearing beneath her hair to tug at the loose knot holding the sheet.The white cotton fell in a quicksilver cascade, puddling on the deck.Her eyes met mine, her chin tilted in regal power.

    Don't Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc. #4)

    Her nakedness wasn’t vulnerability. It was her strength. The one thing she’d claimed as her weapon. She stood before me bare and unyielding and fucking decimated me with how much I wanted her.I sucked in a breath, my cock hardening to the point of agony. I should’ve stood up the moment she arrived. I should've slung a towel over my waist so she wouldn’t be appalled with the lust I had suffered when lust had been what hurt her. But sitting on the deck chair with my legs sprawled in front of me, there was no hiding my arousal.

    Her gaze dropped to my crotch, her jaw tightening. Shadows crossed her eyes, faint lines etching her mouth as if she argued some internal debate.

    And then, she thudded to her knees.Not because of her beaten, broken aura but because it was so rare for someone to be utterly silent.

    My cock hardened as the girl strode toward the three doors resting like retired guards by the wall. I didn’t know what the other two were from, but she stood beside a white lacquered thing with axe marks and scrapes along both sides—most likely from her barricading from the inside and her master doing his best to get to her.Images of what that experience must’ve been like swarmed me. Had she huddled and screamed as Alrik fought his way to her? Or had she waited on the bed already dead from terror?

    Dark Needs (The Dark Light of Day #1.5)

    The urge to soothe her catapulted my fingers to her cheek. My skin erupted from her delicate heat. I’d already had my single touch when I’d petted her hair. I wasn’t permitted a second.One moment, she stood close, arching her chin at the door.

    The next, she was across the cage, flying into a stack of boxes that tumbled in a clatter of butcher knives, butter knives, and sharp forks.Her eyes turned luminous in the gloom, locking on mine with rage.

    I’d forgotten myself by feeling sorry for this beaten wraith, but she hadn’t forgotten her overwhelming hatred of men.I didn’t look away. But I didn’t explain myself, either.

    I’d borrowed her for the night. If I wanted to touch her, I could. The fact that she’d leapt away meant I could report her to her master and have her punished.Or you could punish her instead.