• Live and Let Die (James Bond #2) Happenstance 3 (Happenstance #3)

    The little blond smiles proudly and lifts her chin. Im helping. I mean, I know Ive been doing the afternoon shifts but I figured, all this time youve been doing all the morning prep by yourself. So I got Moms recipes out and figured Id help with that too. Theres only a few months left until I leave for school.

    Im dying…I cant see anymore…Fuck. If this kid turned out like the last one did, how in the hell were they going to isolate that?

    A Season of Angels (Angels Everywhere #1)

    A scattering of laughter had V glancing over his shoulder. Four human women came around the alleys corner, the drunken bunch walking in an intertwined lineup, as if they were functioning as their own crutches. As their sloppy feet tripped and slid in the snow, their giggles were the kind of thing that made V want to outlaw drinking for the human race.Oh! Someone had too much! one of them said, pointing to the civilian.Giggling. More giggling and pointing. More stupid fucking comments from the Instagramming set about someone who just happened to be dying.

    Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning #6)

    Vishous nearly got up and yelled, Hashtag that, you bitches.What kept him quiet was the fact that, for once in their Snapchat lives, they didnt get a phone out to document the scene. They were just too drunk and high, and as much as he really wanted to tell them off, he wasnt about to waste his time on non-criticals—although at sunrise, when he lay his little fucking head to sleep, he was going to put some curses on them: five-pound unexplained weight gain—in the left butt cheek only; accidentally deleted social media accounts; spray tans that turned into raging cases of dermatitis.

    Hed wish them all an STD, but they were probably going to have that covered by the end of the night on their own nickel.

    V turned back to the patient and prayed like hell Mannys driving skills held up. Just hang with me—Fuck you! I shout at the top of my lungs, lifting both hands above my head, middle fingers raised loud and proud.

    Anytime, sweetheart!As the truck rumbles down the street, I let loose every obscene hand gesture I know. The thumb-against-teeth flip, the chin flick, the horns, and the raised-fist bicep slap, also known as the Italian Salute—just like Grandma Millie used to make.

    The Spine of the World (Paths of Darkness #2)

    The only problem is, when I smack my arm, I also drop the leash, and Bosco takes off like a bat out of hell.As Im buttoning my blouse and trying to run at the same time, I think, God, this is a crappy day. And its not even five a.m. yet.

    But that was just the tip of the crapberg.It takes me three blocks to catch the little ingrate. By the time I make it back, tiny snowflakes have begun to fall, like dandruff from the sky.

    I used to like snow—love it, actually. How it coats everything in a sparkly diamond luster, making it all shiny-clean and new. Turning lampposts into ice sculptures and the city into a magical winter wonderland.But that was before. Before there were bills to pay and a business to run. When I see the snow now, all I think about is what a slow day its going to be, how little money is going to come in…the only magical thing is how all the customers will disappear.

    A slapping, fluttering sound makes me turn my head to discover a paper taped to the outside of the coffee shop door. A foreclosure notice—the second one weve received, not counting the dozens of phone calls and e-mails that in a nutshell say, Bitch better have my money.Well, the bitch doesnt have any.