• The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love #1) The First Lie (The Lying Game #0.5)

    Please don’t end this. He lunged toward me, and I evaded. Please. Our brothers are on the same team, our moms are friends. We have a plan, Ember. Just let me get it back on track. I’m so sorry. I can make this up to you.

    Reaches down and puts his hands on my shoulders, leaning in and, Oh my god, what the hell do you think you’re doing!Yes, I realize I’m shouting, but that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re assaulted on a sidewalk in front of your own damn home.

    Life After Taylah

    Teddy, calm down, the hot guy’s voice instructs.But I don’t calm down—I elbow him in the gut.Oof. Relax babe, the guy croaks out, slightly bent at the waist. It’s me. Relax, it’s me.

    Tragic (Rook and Ronin #1)

    I’m calling campus security. And…and I have a—a boyfriend you know, a really big one. He’s huge, and he’s going to kick your ass when he gets here. He’ll be here any minute.God you’re cute when you’re threatening to kick my ass.

    That handsome face contorts, amused. And so handsome. Who the hell did you think I was?

    Do I look like a rapist to you? I’m so intent on studying him, I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not.Collin rubs her shoulder comfortingly and nods his head. Yeah, they would be obligated to send her a letter informing her of his parole since she testified. She hasn’t said anything to you about it?

    What is going on? Who are you talking about? I ask, my worry growing tenfold at the mention of parole.Finnley turns back to me and I watch her throat constrict as she swallows nervously a few times. Why would both of you get similar notes? You guys have only seen each other that one night at the bar a few months ago and then at the gallery.

    Eternally North (Eternally North #1)

    Deciding now isn’t really the best time to inform Phina’s best friend about her proclivity to threesomes and how I practically fucked her in the middle of the hospital, I change the subject.Not important. The fact is, someone isn’t happy with her and now I’ve been pulled into it. Tell me what you know.

    Finnley runs her hand through her hair and takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly. She didn’t have the best childhood. Her mother left when she was little and her father blamed Phina for it. I don’t know everything, she’s not exactly forthcoming with that information, but I know it was bad. There were times in high school when she would just shut down for days at a time. She wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t speak, she just…existed. And then, she’d snap out of it and pretend like nothing was wrong. Her dad owned his own garage in town, but towards the middle of our senior year, it was starting to go under. He was drinking a lot, not showing up for work, arguing with customers, that sort of thing. All of a sudden, right before graduation, he came into a bunch of money. He flaunted it in front of Phina and told her she’d never see a dime of it.Finnley pauses to collect herself and I take the time to try once again and think back to high school. Phina was smart, beautiful and had just enough of an attitude that no one ever fucked with her. She was in the same popular, jock group that Collin and I hung around with and I never once witnessed the kind of sadness or shutting down that Finnley spoke of. Maybe I just didn’t notice. I was a hormonal teenager. My small head was so occupied with trying to get in her pants that nothing else mattered at the time.

    Phina left that big party at Tony Calloway’s house around seven in the morning the day after graduation, Finnley continues, pausing to shoot a glare at me when she mentions Tony’s party. Before I can question it, she continues.She snuck into the house and as soon as the door closed behind her, she heard a gunshot from her father’s bedroom. She ran back there and found him standing over a body with a gun in his hand. When he saw her standing there, he chased after her. Thank God she was on the track team. She made it to the neighbor’s house and called the police. Turns out, he borrowed money from a loan shark. When he didn’t pay it back on time, the guy came to the house. Her dad walked him back to the bedroom telling him he had to get the money out of his dresser and then shot him in the head instead. Phina testified against him in court and he got twenty-five years to life with a possibility of parole in fifteen.

    Finnley stops talking and the room is dead silent.Jesus Christ, I mutter. That means he’s up for parole this year.