• Born in Blood (The Sentinels #1) Made for You (Cole #2)

    Miles didn’t answer. Neither did Daniel.I know that the Order once worked with the fae to close the gates. That was how you all got your hands on the Crystal, and I know that the Elite betrayed those fae—the fae who did not hunt mortals—the fae who hunted others of their kind that did. I didn’t mistake the sharp inhale. Kyle said it was the Elite that turned on them, but there was no way that the Order didn’t know. I know that was before all of our time and the stories have changed over the years, but I’m alive because of good fae.

    Heath blew out a breath. So Adam didn’t say anything?He wanted to, but I never let him. I talked so much during the drive that he never got a word in edgewise. Whenever he’d try to broach it, I’d change the subject.

    Hollowland (The Hollows #1)

    Heath’s brow crumpled, and he appeared at a loss. Ugh. Sometimes life was too confusing. And all the thoughts stirring around in my head like a stew? I had no idea what to make of them.Heath and I said our goodbyes soon after, and I got in my car.During the drive home, I couldn’t stop thinking about that encounter in the grocery store. This new development—Zach going to jail for drugs—seemed like an eerie coincidence. I knew that Adam had dug for info after the grocery store incident. The next day, I’d caught him in my childhood bedroom at the ranch looking through my old high school yearbooks. They’d been buried in the top shelf of my closet. He’d been in there a few times before to look around, but that day in particular, he’d shown an inordinate amount of interest in the books. Had he continued to dig deeper, after that?

    Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7)

    When I arrived at our house at noon, Adam wasn’t home yet. Since I’d had the tea date already set with Heath and Camille, he’d ducked into work for the morning to check on things. But he’d promised he wouldn’t be long. While I waited for him, I finished up some work in my new study, which Adam had converted from a guest bedroom across the hall from his home office.I heard him come in and went down to meet him in the kitchen, where he’d grabbed a bottle of water. Throwing my arms around him from behind, I stood on tiptoes to kiss him on the neck. What should we do today?

    Let’s take the Duffy boat over to the Fun Zone, he answered without even a pause. I owe you a rematch in Skee-Ball.

    I grinned cheekily, resting my chin on his shoulder. You mean…you crave further humiliation.I didn’t see how we could. If we didn’t know how to defeat a prince, how in the hell would we defeat the Queen?

    The hand in my hair slid to my cheek. Ren tilted my head back, and my eyes drifted shut. He kissed me, and it was gentle and sweet, and somehow it reminded me that there was still good surrounding me. That there was still us in this mess.Opening my eyes, I pulled back and cupped his cheek, wiping away a smudge of blood. We better head in there.

    Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer #1)

    We walked into the house, and both of us stiffened at the sight of the Prince. Fabian placed a hand on his shoulder, steering the silent man away.I don’t like this. Ren crossed his arms as Fabian led his brother toward the kitchen. At all.

    Me neither. I watched Tink buzz after them. I couldn’t believe that the Prince had been in the car with us and now was in this house with us. There was so much to worry about. Too much. Are we even safe here?I don’t believe Daniel knew where you guys were staying, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find out. Miles dragged a hand over his head. Shit. What am I going to tell his wife?

    Do you think she knew of his actions? Faye asked.I want to say no, but hell, I never saw it coming with Daniel. She could be in on it too. Shoulders tensed, he looked away. I need to get in contact with someone at the New Orleans branch. I need to . . .

    He needed to make sure they were alive.I couldn’t let myself think of those I knew—those I cared about possibly being dead. If I went down that hellish hole, I would probably never resurface.