• The Night Stalker (Detective Erika Foster #2) Fury's Kiss (Dorina Basarab #3)

    Daniel pursed his lips, but he didnt say anything. Something about that frightened her, that he didnt try to comfort her or convince her that everything would be okay. Instead, he just picked up the pace, and when they went down the path to his boat, they were both running.

    Yrene shook her head, lowering his leg and again picking up the other to begin the next set. Linqin only made about ten, all connected to talismans that the user could wear. Theyve been lost to time, along with her method of creating them. And there was another healer, Saanvi, who legend says was able to bypass the healing entirely by planting some sort of tiny, magical shard of stone in the brain—I wasnt suggesting I experiment on you, she said, slapping his thigh. Or need to.

    Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)

    A half smile tugged on his mouth. So how did this knowledge become lost? I thought the library here contained all your records.Yrene frowned. Both were healers working at outposts far from the Torre. There are four throughout the continent—small centers for Torre healers to live and work. To help the people who cant make the trip here. Linqin and Saanvi were so isolated that by the time anyone remembered to fetch their records, theyd been lost. All we have now is rumor and myth.Do you keep records? Of all this? He gestured between them.

    Dark Queen (Jane Yellowrock #12)

    Yrenes face heated. Parts of it. Not when youre acting like a stubborn ass.Again, that smile tugged on his face, but Yrene set down his leg and pulled back, though she remained kneeling on the tiles. My point, she said, steering conversation from the journals in her room levels and levels above, is that it has been done. I know its taking us a long while, and I know youre anxious to return—

    I am. But Im not rushing you, Yrene. He sat up in a smooth movement. On the floor like this, he towered over her, the sheer size of him nearly overwhelming. He rotated his foot slowly—fighting for each movement as the muscles in the rest of his legs objected.

    Chaol lifted his head, meeting her stare. Reading it easily. Whoever is hunting you wont get the chance to hurt you—whether you and I finish tomorrow, or in six months.Theres nothing you can try? Gemma persisted. You created the curse. There has to be something that you can do. Something you know.

    Im afraid not. Diana was beginning to sound weary of the conversation.Cant? Or wont? Marcy asked, echoing the same thought running through Gemmas mind.

    Steel's Edge (The Edge #4)

    Perhaps its both, Diana admitted with a slow shrug of her shoulders.I have the scroll, Gemma said. Theyd left it out in the car, but she could get it in a flash if she needed to. I know that if I can destroy the scroll, the curse can be undone, like with Asterion and the other minotaurs.

    If you have the scroll, then youve tried destroying it, and youve failed, Diana said.Gemma exchanged a look with Harper, wondering if she should admit the truth, but decided there was no point in lying to Diana. Not about this. Ive tried everything I can think of, and nothing even makes a mark.

    Of course it doesnt. The paper wouldnt be worth anything if it did, Diana replied.Is the paper cursed? Is there a way to destroy it? Gemma asked.

    No. The paper is absolutely and completely indestructible, Diana confirmed their worst fears. The curse is in the ink.The ink? Harper asked, trying not to appear too eager, most likely remembering her own experiments with it. So what happens with the ink?