• The Son of Sobek Autumn (Autumn #1)

    I guess I deserve that, I allow, shifting on the balls of my feet, transferring the weight of my backpack from one shoulder to the other. Its getting heavy and I dont know how long I want to stand here holding it. So, can I sit here?

    She was never coming back to Caldwell.And God, even though it made no sense, she wanted to cry.

    Venom (Elemental Assassin #3)

    Refocusing once again, she stuck on the Mercedess tail. They had agreed to leave her car in an open-air lot that Vishous had a pass card to, and as they came up on it, something started to ring in her mind. A warning. A…Shaking her head, she pulled up to the gate and realized she hadnt gotten the card. Before she could put her window down, Assail was on it, coming over and swiping things so that the arm lifted up.It was as she took a spot right in front that the math added up, and she all but leapt out from behind the wheel without putting things in park.

    The Shadow of the Torturer (The Book of the New Sun #1)

    Benloise has a sister, she said urgently. Vitoria.Assail shrugged. I did not know that.

    You cant go into that meeting alone. She could be coming for you.

    I dont know if shes who Im meeting. And besides, why would it matter—What? Matts eyes were wide and disbelieving. These people went after you before?

    Yeah, thats why I had to leave. I closed my eyes because it hurt too much to keep them open. The world wanted to spin out from under me.Told you, Rhys said to Matt. Im not lying about this stuff. After what happened, you would think youd cut me a little slack.

    The Great Train Robbery

    Rhys isnt lying, I said, wincing. It was getting harder to breathe, and I had to take very shallow breaths, which only made me more light-headed. He knows more about all of this than I do. I wasnt there very long.Why are these Vittra people coming after you? Matt asked. Why do they want you?

    I shook my head, unwilling to risk the pain of speaking.I dont know, Rhys answered when I didnt. Ive never seen them go after anyone this way before. Then again, shes the first Princess Ive been around, and theyve foretold of her for a while.

    Id wanted to know what they were foretelling, but everyone gave me vague responses, so all I knew was that Id be powerful someday. But I didnt feel very powerful, especially right now. It hurt too much to speak, and I was locked up in a dungeon.And even worse, not only had I failed to save myself, but Id gotten Rhys and Matt dragged into this mess along with me.

    Wendy, are you okay? Matt asked.You dont look okay, Rhys said.