• Natural Law (Nature of Desire #2) The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12)

    He’d been Miss Charming’s choice from the beginning, though he’d quickly proved too much work to keep the woman’s interest. He was the most eye-catching, no question, and he gave the appearance of having some real depth, if he’d just relax a bit. Jane was curious to see how he changed once Wattlesbrook ordered him to charm Miss Charming. And that would be fine by Jane. So what that he’d come (needlessly) running to her rescue in his shirttails? The way he’d said, Don’t be a fool, Miss Erstwhile, made her want to poke him in the eye. He was supposed to be Darcy-adorable, not teethgrindingly maddening.

    She was early to the drawing room. Empty, it seemed as stiff and forbidden as a roped-off museum display.Outside, the summer evening still burned, the sun getting in all the dazzle it could before English rain took over again. Violent wind belied the blue sky, tangling her hair and skirts, warning of coming changes. She meant to just stand on the steps, appreciate the wind and soak in some vitamin D, but her brain was in full mystery mode and skipped from Miss Gardenside’s disappearing mother to Mr. Wattlesbrook’s vehicle. Where did he park it last night? She would have noticed a car out front.

    Gregor and the Code of Claw (Underland Chronicles #5)

    The wind pushed at her, nudging and restless, and she caught its mood. She left her perch and walked around the side of the house, looking for a likely garage. There were outbuildings—stables, a separate servants quarters—but none had a large door that looked like it would fit a car. Had he left it out in the open? Perhaps around the side.There! A tire track. His tire must have dug into the mud underneath the gravel, now drying in the sun. Up ahead was another tire mark. Why had he driven this way? He hadn’t seemed concerned about hiding his modern clothing whenever he barged in, so it seemed unlikely he would park his car so far from the house entrance just to keep it out of sight of the guests. She knew from her phaeton trip with Mr. Mallery that there was no road outlet from that side of the estate, only dirt paths that would have been treacherous for a car during the heavy rain. He would have had to exit back through the main gate, and yet here were signs he’d driven in the opposite direction.She spotted another tire mark and followed it, the wind encouraging her into the wooded area near the stables and the pond.

    A Bridge of Stars (A Shade of Vampire #24)

    The countryside was molded for wind. Her hotel in London had overlooked a stone square. While sitting on her balcony, she’d noticed that the only sign the wind was blowing was the intemperate pieces of garbage tumbling about; the city itself was still, unmoved by the storm. The country, on the other hand, was teeming with breeze teasers—grass and shrubs, trees and pond, everything tossed and upset by the wind. The massive oaks boiled with it, shaking their tops, bending their branches to keep from breaking. The pond waters thrashed into white, mocking the idea that water is transparent. Wind made everything opaque—wind made everything move.Charlotte moved too, as agitated as the pond. She approached it cautiously, the banks sloppy with mud. Did that look like another set of tire tracks over there? She tiptoed nearer to the shore, stepping on tangles of grass and dried crusts of mud.

    Yes, right at the rim of the pond, almost as if a car had driven out of the water—those looked an awful lot like tire marks. But they stopped suddenly, as if stamped out and smoothed over. Seemed like an odd detail for Colonel Andrews to create, but then again, perhaps she was off track and this had nothing to do with the mystery. She took another step, caught her toes on her skirt, and stepped down hard.

    No … She lifted her hem. Gray mud soaked through her silk dress.Professor Muller? I aced that class.

    I laughed, a puff of steam rose in the air between us. Wow, how humble of you. Some of us have to study you know.Don’t worry about it, I’ll help you with it. He tilted his head toward the direction of the theater. It’ll be fun.

    After You (Me Before You #2)

    Wait, how do you manage to do so well in your classes if you’re busy training all the time?Well, I took Muller’s class freshman year and I didn’t start fighting until sophomore year so I devoted a lot more time to studying back then. My grades still aren’t that bad now. I don’t spend as much time studying but I’m passing all my classes at least. So what do ya say?

    I sighed, but seeing a movie did sound like fun. Even though I had planned on going back to my room and cracking open the psych textbook, I knew that I’d probably end up vegging out in front of the TV anyway.Okay, but if I fail the class I’m blaming it on you.

    Hunter pumped his fist in victory. You got it. It’s all my fault. Alright, now let’s go!We walked to the bus stop but didn’t have to wait long before we caught one. The mall was only a ten minute bus ride away and we were let off right in front. We made our way through the mall, chatting about what movie we wanted to watch, until we were in front of the movie theater.

    There was no one in the box office and the lights were all off. What the . . . Hunter said, putting his hands on his head like he had just received some terrible news.When we got closer to box office window, we saw the notice taped onto it.