• The Warded Man (The Demon Cycle #1) Forever Wicked (Wicked Lovers #7.8)

    "I saw the body," he retorted, effectively halting her arguments.

    As Brucella came within four feet of reaching us, in an aura of pale orange, my cousin Ben arrived at my side. His mouth was grim and set as he wrapped his arms around me. He swiped me away from the tree and lifted me into the air.Bastien! I cried down, even as Ben carried me further.


    With snarls of frustration, Brucella and Dane began retreating, scurrying away from the blaze the mutants would soon engulf the tree in.But Bastien remained perched in that treetop, head turned toward me, eyes dazed and glazed, until Ben swept me out of sight.I felt bewildered as to how the hunters had known to come here, but when Ben returned carrying my niece, we had to leave.

    Rising Sun

    Victoria begged our five witches to do something to help, but she was out of her mind in panic. We didn’t have enough time, enough warning. God knew how many hundreds—maybe even thousands— of mutants had flocked in the sky and were but moments from devouring our part of the woods.Where is the gate, Vicky? I asked, gripping her shoulders.

    On the other side of the mountain, she croaked. There are five oak trees. Above them is a plateau. But Uncle, please! We have to help Bastien! He was still in the treetops!

    I’ll go, Kailyn said. I’ll join you by the portal. She lifted into the air and hurtled away toward where Victoria was pointing."How could you? You haven't seen her in weeks. For your sake, I hope you haven't killed whatever it was she felt for you."

    Turner said nothing. He just wanted the conversation to end."She is not the same woman she was a few months ago," his mother continued. "She was so happy. She'd have done anything for you."

    The Daylight War (The Demon Cycle #3)

    "Things change, Mother," he said tersely."And they can change back," Lady Rudland said, her voice soft yet insistent. "Come dine with us this evening. It's terribly awkward without you."

    "It will be far more awkward with me, I assure you.""Let me be the judge of that."

    Turner stood straight, taking a long, shaky breath. Was his mother right? Could he and Miranda resolve their differences?"Leticia is still in this house," his mother said softly. "Let her go. Let Miranda heal you. She will, you know, if you'd only give her the chance."

    He felt his mother's hand on his shoulder but he did not turn around, too proud to let her see the face of his pain.* * *
    The first pain squeezed her belly about an hour before she was due to go down for dinner. Startled, Miranda put her hand on her stomach. The doctor had told her that she'd most likely deliver in two weeks. "Well, it looks like you're going to be early," she said softly. "Just stay in through supper, would you? I'm actually hungry. I haven't been for weeks, you know, and I need some food."