• Conversion (Conversion #1) Kiss of Heat (Breeds #4)

    Brielle followed through like a good little submissive.

    By her? I grin crookedly. Might not be so bad.In all the best ways, I assure her.

    Perfect Shadow (Night Angel #0.5)

    She laughs, but soon her smile fades and her expression turns more serious. When are you going to settle down, Cameron? I’d like to see you with a nice girl. I won’t be around forever. I am eighty-one this year, you know?I swallow, hating that her age is something we even have to think about. She’s all I have left. Along with Macey, who I don’t see nearly enough now that she moved. I know, Nana. I’m already planning a big surprise party.It’s not a surprise if I know about it. She raises one penciled-on eyebrow.

    Lord of the Shadows (The Saga of Darren Shan #11)

    I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a heart attack, or bladder failure, or whatever. I grin at her.Wicked, she says again.

    I’m not sure how long I can keep dodging her questions about my future, but let’s hope for a long, long time.

    How in the fuck did I think this was a good idea? Never agree to sex with a good-looking, intelligent man with no hope of it leading to something.She smiles, I know it’s something she’s been waiting to hear ever since she got here, but her smile also says she’s happy for me.

    A slow song comes on, and Collins appears at my side and pulls me to him. He’s not afraid to dance. At least not with me. We slow dance simply, my arms around his neck and his resting at my waist. Our bodies know each other, so even if we don’t know the song, we sway together perfectly.I feel blessed that I’m able to share the best day of my life with all our loved ones. And I know I’m the luckiest woman alive because the man of my dreams has put this all together for me.


    As we dance, my left hand is resting on his shoulder and I admire the way the diamond ring on my finger catches the light. I can’t believe you did all this, I say. And kept it all a secret.My brothers thought I was a little crazy planning all of this without officially asking you first.

    It was insane. I press my lips to his. But in the very best way.I love you, Mia, he says, his voice uncharacteristically thick with emotion.

    I love you, too. Always have, I admit.Through the reception Collins doesn’t leave my side. His eyes and hands find their way all over my dress, and it’s obvious his desire to be alone with me rivals my desire to be with him.

    Soon enough Collins announces that it is time for us to leave. As much as I’ve enjoyed the celebration with everyone, I can’t wait to get Collins alone and out of that sexy as hell tux. Our guests throw rice as Collins helps me into the waiting limo. He’s refused to tell me anything about our honeymoon other than that we’re having one. He also assures me that he’s okayed the time off with my employer. The information wins him yet another kiss from me. He has truly thought of everything.As we near our destination it becomes clear that he can no longer hide his plans from me. We pull into the marina and Collins helps me out, guiding me towards his boat, The Gremlin. As we near the water, I come to a realization and stop. We don’t have any luggage. I didn’t pack, I say.