• Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles #1) Little Red Riding Crop (The Original Sinners #0.6)

    Saxton gripped the offering. Alive. They come to me alive.

    She wouldn’t want things any other way.Paradise could keep the chick shit and all the sidelong stares in the world. Far better to be strong as opposed to sensual. The latter got you admired…


    Nope, Peyton said. Not interrupting anything at all.As he smiled at Craeg, he thought, Yuuuuup, it’s totally cool. I just told your girl I loved her while she thought I was still stuck on not wanting her to be in the training program. So yeah, conversationally speaking, we just faced off in a duel, where she had a gun and I had two paper clips and a rubber band. But it’s fine.Although, hey, while we’re on the subject, maybe you want to slice my nut sac off and put my two veg in your back pocket? ’Cuz I won’t be needing them anymore after this.

    Ascend (Trylle #3)

    Beelining for the door, he didn’t look at Paradise. In fact, there was a good possibility he was never looking at her again. But he was careful to guy-it-up with Craeg as he passed the male, giving him a clap on the shoulder.Can’t wait for tomorrow out in the field. Unless he hung himself in the bathroom at home. In which case he was gonna be a no-show. Good workout tonight. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    Especially if you counted the body slam he just did to his own ego. That little bitch wasn’t getting up again. Probably needed reconstructive surgery and a prosthesis.

    Out in the corridor, he stopped and cursed. He’d left his fucking duffel in the break room, but he was not going back in there. Nope. No reason to catch the drift of the Paradise/Craeg Reunion Kiss #45,896, which would be followed by the OMG-guess-what-Peyton-just-said’s. The good news? Craeg was so into the program, and team leadership, and fighting the true enemy, that there was a strong possibility his bonded male wouldn’t be reaching for a dagger right now.As he added more and more clothing to his formerly naked frame, he moved faster and faster, as if his departure were a train gathering momentum.

    So I’ll see you when I see you. Peyton paused by the door. And the message has been received, okay? I’ll leave you alone, especially now that you’re back on your feet.He gave her a smile that was right out of a fashion magazine, all cocky and full of perfect white teeth. Take care.

    Lie Down With Lions

    He knocked on the jamb like a judge putting the gavel down on a case, and then he was gone as if he had never been.In the silence, she told herself it was for the best. He felt too good. He got past her defenses too often. He was the kind of surprise she did not need in her life.

    And his departure couldn’t be better. By the time she saw him next—and that would be Saturday night—he would be re-categorized appropriately and all would be well.She wasn’t going to have it any other way.

    As Saxton stood at Ruhn’s open bedroom door and waited for his answer, he took deep breaths and smelled that wonderful combination of soap and shampoo that the male used.Please, Ruhn said as he stepped back. Come in.

    Saxton entered and thought immediately that the decor did not suit the male. It was not that the room was ugly or even badly done. In fact, it was a very elegant example of what he liked to think of as neo-monarchy, everything damask and silk and gilded up the yin-yang. The dark blue was okay, and worked well with the Old Masters paintings and all the gold leaf, but for what Ruhn would be comfortable in? It was too fussy and fancy.That farmhouse of Minnie’s was better, everything handmade and practical, with clean lines and wood that was polished from years of hand waxing versus all kinds of layers of varnish.